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   Chapter 260 Weapon Refiners

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"So, I think we'd be better off staying away from each other from now on!" Zachary smiled with nothing but a hint of calmness decorating his features. Fortunately, he had prepared in advance if things turned against his wishes, so he was not afraid if Rebecca decided to start throwing threats to him.

"Fine. Return the brassiere that belongs to me, and only then will I let this go." After a moment's hesitation, she ultimately chose to step back; she knew that if she were to push Zachary past his limit, he might show her brassiere in public and make her feel ashamed to even show her face in the Celestial College.

"If I give this back to you, I would lose my chips during the negotiation. How about this? I will return it back to you once we arrive at the Shura College," Zachary proposed.

"Alright, but you'd better behave yourself when we arrive there. You've stolen my brassieres. If you dare to do anything diabolical to the other female disciples and damage the reputation of the Shura College, I won't let you go!" Rebecca reluctantly agreed to his suggestion, though not without warning him before floating away.

"How troublesome it is to piss off a woman!" Zachary shook his head with his usual smile. Then he made his way to Katrina's house. He found that she was not there once he arrived, so he had to welcome himself in to find a quiet place and swiftly entered the system.

Zachary had been cultivating in the system for one night. When it was noon the next day, he arrived at the square on time. The square was crowded with people, and most of the disciples in the Elite Zone had come spontaneously to see off the ten renowned ones. Winona and some masters were also present, but Katrina was nowhere to be found.

And in the center of the square proudly stood a Wind Turtle.

The other nine disciples including Queenie had also arrived. They were waiting for Zachary to finally present himself.

In the full view of the public, Zachary passed through the crowd and walked up to the side of the nine disciples. Finally, the ten disciples who were going to study in the Shura College were all present.

Of course, the moment Queenie's gaze landed on Zachary, she put on a long face.

"Let's go!" Winona called out once all the ten disciples came.

The ten representatives turned their heel and rode on the Wind Turtle as they set off and left the Celestial College.

Zachary was the last one to get on the Wind Turtle. He suddenly notic

There were two purple pills of Imperial Level inside. She gave a side glance at Owen Tian almost immediately, and he nodded in satisfaction.

"Wow, such gifts are anything but humble! Please show our gratitude to your dean. Come on, let us show you around first." With a big smile that seemed to have been practiced on her face, Tracy packed up the boxes without hesitation. Then she walked in front to lead them inside along with Owen Tian.

Zachary and the other disciples followed them without a single word.

The Devil Kingdom was known for its weapon refining skills, and the Shura College was one of the four martial colleges for training weapon refiners. There was a unique training system that was different from that of the Celestial College. The most important point was that the Shura College didn't have any division in area, nor was there a forbidden area. It didn't train the disciples according to their own abilities, either. All the disciples were treated in the same way regardless of their qualifications.

Of course, the reason why the Shura College had such different training system was that a weapon refiner must have enough talent. In addition to that, a weapon refiner must work hard, much harder than anyone else. The training of a weapon refiner was different from that of an ordinary warrior. A lot of practices were necessary in order to promote the skills step by step. Moreover, a weapon refiner had to rely on their own ability to collect the raw materials. Therefore, no matter how talented one would be, if they didn't work hard and attentively, they wouldn't be able to become an outstanding weapon refiner.

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