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   Chapter 258 Two Treasure Beasts

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Zachary's break through to the King Level in half a month could be attributed to the pill that Katrina gave him that could promote his cultivation by one grade directly. The golden pill that Anne gave him also helped him survive the Heavenly Tribulation when he was breaking through to the King Level.

All the disciples present were surprised to see that Zachary had the strength of King Level. His aura showed that he was at the primary stage, but a deeper observation exposed the unusual speed of the martial energy he released.

"Quadruple martial speed?! He has quadruple martial speed!" someone suddenly cried out. This observation led others to observe more and threw the whole square into an uproar. In the Elite Zone, it was nothing special for a disciple to obtain the quadruple martial speed. However, it was a rare feat to do so at the primary stage of King Level.

Normally, a disciple at King Level had to be at the medium stage if they wanted to obtain the quadruple martial speed. Therefore, the disciples present were extremely surprised to see Zachary possess quadruple martial speed.

When Zachary exerted his real power, the Nimble White Lion was caught in the middle of an attack. Without hesitation, Zachary raised his left hand and blocked the attack swiftly. At the same time, a sword shadow flashed in his right hand. He used the Lady Swordsmanship.

"Holy crap!" Only then did Queenie realize that something was wrong, but it was too late to stop Zachary.

Out of nowhere, a shadow in the form of a woman with a sword suddenly appeared. She gave off dazzling sharp sword intents towards the lion. Since the Nimble White Lion was too close to the shadow, it couldn't avoid the sharp sword intents. The Nimble White Lion cried out and limped away in pain.

Queenie had not expected her beloved pet to get hurt. Shocked and angry, she suddenly stretched her slender body and transformed into a shadow. She hatefully rushed towards Zachary, the bane of her existence. She was empowered by the bitterness she felt towards his inappropriate actions and her precious

rified of it!

"Kiwi, come back! You've frightened them!" Zachary called the beast back with a wave of his hand. His Holy Bone Bracer had completely absorbed the chill of the Shadowy Cold Palm and he defrosted himself silently while no one was paying attention to him.

The Thunder Dragon Horse immediately turned around and rushed at Zachary. It rubbed against him with great affection as Zachary greeted it happily.

The others looked on in amazement. They were so surprised that they momentarily forgot to breathe.

"Oh my God! Is it also his beast?"

"So, he actually has two treasure beasts?"

"How can that be? Only a warrior of Imperial Level can control more than two treasure beasts, right?"

When they recovered their breaths, the whole square exploded in an uproar. Even Winona and the masters couldn't believe their eyes.

"Master Katrina, is there anything special in this disciple? After all, he shouldn't be able to control two treasure beasts at the same time with his strength, right?" Winona asked in astonishment.

"Although he is annoying, he is indeed extraordinary. This is just one of the reasons." Katrina smiled proudly even as she stared in amazement like the others. It seemed that Zachary lived up to her expectations. She was pleasantly surprised to see that he could reach King Level in half a month and simultaneously control two treasure beasts.

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