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   Chapter 255 Thousand-Face Mask

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"It's a pity that Master Tania was born heartless. It certainly is a blessing that she doesn't kill me; she will by no means agree to accept me as her personal disciple." Zachary shook his head.

"I'll put in a good word for you the next time I spar with her!" Anne declared after hesitating.

"Thank you, Master Anne. From the truest parts of my heart." Hearing this, Zachary was ecstatic. He didn't expect that Anne's attitude towards him would change so much after her cultivation in seclusion this time around. She taught him a unique skill and even tried to persuade Tania to accept him as her very own disciple.

"In addition to the Ice Needle Skill, I'll also teach you three other moves of the Lady Swordsmanship, which will perfectly fit your power at the King Level," Anne said and shot a red flash that originated from her finger into the spot between Zachary's eyebrows.

As the red flash forced itself into Zachary's head, three new moves of the Lady Swordsmanship emerged in his mind, which seemed to be more sophisticated than the previous three moves he had practiced.

"Go practice, and come to me to claim for new quests when you manage to reach the King level." With that, Anne went straight into the tomb.

As Anne left him alone, Zachary decided to head back to the Peach Blossom Forest.

"Congratulations. As Anne is deeply affected by your misfortune as if she had experienced it herself, your friendship level with her reaches level 2," Mimi said in her own sweet voice.

"Really? I can't believe it. Wait! What did you mean by that? She is deeply affected by my misfortune as if she had experienced it herself? Does she share the same experience?"

Mimi just smiled and pretended to be deaf, docking the question and not even offering a single reply against it.

Zachary's lips curled into a pout. He decided to drop the subject and focus on his current task—cultivating in seclusion.

Time flew in the blink of an eye. Soon, it was time for Zachary to leave the Celestial College.

Zachary was sitting leisurely in Katrina's chair with ankle on knee, yawning cozily. He was currently waiting for Katrina in her residence. It was hard to think that he was a fanatical killer that was being wanted by the whole Enigmatic Kingdom when he looked similarly to a cat.

"When will Master Katrina come? Didn't she say she would meet me in half a month? Today is the deadline. Is she planning on canceling

a perverted-looking man!" Katrina snarled.

"Ha-ha, middle-aged men really do have advantages! Young girls today really have a thing for middle-aged men, don't they?" Zachary laughed with satisfaction as he stared into the mirror once again.

"Let's go now." Katrina shook her head in disapproval and headed downstairs.

Zachary put on his hat and followed Katrina from behind.

After a short while, Zachary followed Katrina to a square in the Elite Zone. At this moment, the square was filled with many disciples from the Elite Zone. In front of the disciple crowd stood Winona, who took charge of them, some masters, and nine seemingly outstanding disciples. These nine were the elite disciples who would go to Shura College as exchange disciples.

Among them, Queenie, Rebecca, and Alger, the top three elites at the King Level were all present. The man in a cyan robe he had met before was known as Scott, who was ranked No. 3 among the top 10 warriors at the King Level in the Celestial College. As for the remaining five people, although Zachary didn't know them, even he could see that they were the powerful warriors at the King Level.

At this time, Zachary's eyes once again fell on Queenie and Alger. His face took on a playful smile. 'It seems that this trip to Shura College wouldn't be too boring. With the two beauties, Rebecca and Queenie, and Alger accompanying, it would be very interesting!' he thought to himself.

Of course, he was referring to something that would lead more pornographic, violent and bloody, because he intended to flirt with the two beauties, and murder the Zi Clan disciple.

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