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   Chapter 253 Casting Weapons

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"But these letters are insufficient. There are several reasons for Armand to shirk responsibility. Besides, these letters can't prove that you have nothing to do with the Welkin Sect murder case." Katrina was aware that the letters couldn't prove anything, and they had nothing to do with the Welkin Sect murder case. They only established that Zachary was the son of Zi Clan's former leader.

"In that case, I will share that there is a living key witness to the Welkin Sect murder case," Zachary said with narrowed eyes.

"Who?" Katrina's eyes widened as she glanced at Zachary.

"The leader of the Welkin Sect, Lewis Xuan," Zachary answered in a cold tone.

"Didn't he die?" Katrina was stunned to learn that he was still alive.

"No. I saved him and made it look like we are both dead," Zachary explained with a shake of his head.

"So, the Zi Clan knew that you had died, but they deliberately released evidence to blame you for the Welkin Sect murder case and your parents' deaths. How cunning they are!" Katrina had to admit that the leader of the Zi Clan was very crafty. By placing all the blame on a dead person, he had ensured that he would be safe.

"What other reason would I have to kill the Zi Clan disciples? Since the Zi Clan has been unfriendly to me, I certainly won't sit still and wait for death," Zachary said with a shrug before he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Where is the leader of the Welkin Sect now? If he is willing to tell the truth, then I'm sure we can establish your innocence," Katrina suggested.

"As he has been severely injured, he is in a comatose-like state. Although I asked my friend to cure him, I'm afraid he won't recover in a short time," Zachary muttered. Since he did not want Katrina to know about Tania, he made an excuse.

"Really? What a pity!" Katrina's eyes twinkled when she heard the explanation. At least some of what Zachary had said was good news. "So, are you also the mysterious person who was looking for the new disciples in the Elite Zone and provoked Queenie?"

"That's right," Zachary answered. He didn't deny being the person Katrina was talking about.

"I really don't know what to say. Don't you know that you are in a very dangerous situation now? Once people learn your true identity and they find that you killed four disciples of the Zi Clan, you are doomed." Katrina could n

the most influential disciple," Katrina explained.

"The most influential one? I'm afraid that would be difficult!" Zachary said with a smile.

"I believe in you. And it's for your good. If you want to prove your innocence, you must have the support of many great forces. As for the entire Supernal Continent, there is no force more powerful than four martial colleges," Katrina stated.

"I see. Then, I will try my best to achieve that." Zachary nodded, admitting that what Katrina had said was reasonable.

"How long before you can reach the King Level?" Katrina continued her questioning.

"I am about to break through and reach the ninth grade of Heaven Level," Zachary answered honestly.

"I have a pill of Heaven Level that can promote your cultivation by one grade directly. Take it. Although I don't expect you to break through to the King Level in half a month, you should at least approach the King Level. Otherwise, your deception will be noticed when you reach Shura College." With that, Katrina took out a glittering pill and handed it to Zachary.

Zachary accepted it without hesitation.

"You can stay at my place to cultivate in seclusion for the next half month. I can assure you that no one is allowed to come there." After saying that, Katrina turned and left.

"Master Katrina is really nice to me. And she probably has many pills like this! I'm fortunate to have obtained one that will increase my cultivation by one grade. I have everything to start cultivating now." Without wasting any more time, Zachary began his cultivation in seclusion.

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