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   Chapter 252 I Miss You So Much

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"Master Katrina, from what Rebecca has told me, a mystery man is targeting one of the freshmen in the Elite Zone. And four disciples from the Zi Clan were murdered. Do you think there might be a connection between these incidents?" Sara's face was one of concern as she looked up at her master.

"I won't deny that I've considered that," Katrina nodded. "After all, witness testimonies have claimed that the murderer did not seem at all like a disciple of the Celestial College. There's a good chance that the murderer snuck into our college undetected." A contemplative expression was on Katrina's face as she paced a little, thinking.

"And beyond that, from what I understand, Queenie made trouble around Zi Clan as someone who claimed to be a disciple from there had challenged her, demanding that she become his wife. It wouldn't be odd for Queenie to be livid after such impudence," Sara remarked.

"Thinking about it, these three incidents don't seem to be related and have nothing to do with the Zi Clan. However, a closer look makes things seem a little suspicious, doesn't it? After all, it was Elva who had gone into the Elite Zone along with a number of other freshmen. She is most likely to have become the target of the Zi Clan. All things considered...Elva may actually be the one that our mysterious suspect is here for." Katrina's eyes shone brightly as she saw the connections so clearly the more she continued her analysis.

"Alright but...why Elva?" Sara asked, confused. "If he's really the one who killed the disciples from the Zi Clan and started all of this, including the feud between Queenie and the clan, what did he do all of that for? Why was he bringing all that strife to the Zi Clan?" Katrina was confused but she didn't associate this with Zachary because she believed that he was already dead since he hadn't shown up for a long time.

Suddenly, a thought came to Katrina, cutting through the noise of all her contemplation. "I'll personally investigate all of these three things. You can go."

That startled Sara somewhat. She had thought that Katrina would leave the investigation fully in her hands. But it would appear that Katrina truly wanted to be involved after all. There must be another angle to this she hadn't thought of. But she kept these thoughts to herself, bowed politely, and departed.

"I wasn't really sure but it has to be that guy. Quite a feat, as I did think he was dead, after all. But he takes one step back into the Celestial College and suddenly all these problems start happening. Looks like

w so well." Zachary grinned. "Nevertheless, thank you and Master Sophie for the support. Were it not for you, I wouldn't have a place in the Enigmatic Kingdom." Zachary bowed deeply.

"All I did was prevent your complete expulsion from the Celestial College," Katrina replied coldly. "You're treading thin ice. And if you have absolutely no proof of your innocence now, not even I would be able to change how the entire kingdom will look upon you as a stone-faced killer." Katrina frowned, crossing her arms.

"Well then I'm afraid to tell you that I actually don't have any evidence that clears my name right now...not even one to justify my actions." Zachary scratched his head slightly.

But Katrina wasn't entirely too sure about that. She only raised her eyebrows at him as she noted that he didn't seem to care at all that he hadn't any defense. Somewhat disappointed, she thought that the Welkin Sect murder case would stimulate him to cultivate harder and that he must have come to a bitter realization that the world was a cruel, heartless place. Yet Zachary didn't seem to be expressing the appropriate amount of anger or hatred.

"But I do have my reasons for coming back." Zachary's tone changed as he raised his head. He produced two letters, both stained and written in blood, and tossed them to Katrina.

She immediately picked up the letters and read through them. It wasn't long before an expression of astonishment crept over her face. "It was Armand who murdered the former leader of the Zi Clan?!" She could not help the shock that bled into her tone.

"Yes," Zachary nodded. "These letters were written by my father, in person in order to accuse Armand of his crime one day."

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