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   Chapter 251 A Good Show

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"Welcome, Queen." Alger was furious, but at the sight of Queenie, he instantly changed his tone and tried his best to please the former despite his burning fury.

The disciples in the Elite Zone had a feeling of awe for her despite her unmatched beauty.

"Cut the crap. Hand that guy over to me right this instance." Queenie brushed their courtesies off and went straight to the point.

"Pardon? Which guy are you referring to?" Alger asked with a puzzled look, stunned at the sudden order.

"The guy who teased me in public yesterday. He mentioned that he is a disciple of your Zi Clan," Queenie replied coldly with growing impatience as the clock continued to tick.

"Is that true? It would be impossible; the disciples of our Zi Clan have always been taught to be respectful to you, including me. How could they even have an ounce of disrespect towards you?" Alger replied, glancing at the four disciples of the Zi Clan.

The four men shook their heads in a hurry, acknowledging that they had nothing to do with what had happened yesterday.

"Then ask all the disciples of your Zi Clan to come here and let me have a look at them myself." Queenie folded her arms across her chest and gave her order.

"Well, you see… I'm afraid that now is not the right time. In fact, to tell you the truth, four disciples of our clan have been murdered moments ago. We are currently trying to go and find the murderer. As for who disrespected you, please let me check after I come back. If it's true, I'll take him to your place to apologize!" Alger responded courteously. He feared that the murderer would run away if they wasted any more time, and thus he wanted to catch the culprit as soon as possible.

"I have nothing to do with your clan's business, but that guy must appear in front of me right after, or else..." Queenie's eyes reflected nothing but apathy. She was bred and raised not to care about others' feelings. As long as she had to do something, she would never stop until she got what she wanted.

Alger fell speechless, but even he knew that Queenie was the last person he could afford to offend. Although he was one of the top ten talents in the Elite Zone, his strength was far inferior to her

purpose could be also achieved, which was to mess with the Zi Clan.

The case that the four disciples of the Zi Clan were killed hadn't been investigated yet. The other day, people unexpectedly got the news that another four disciples of the Zi Clan were injured by Queenie. One of them was seriously hurt, and the other three were wounded. It caused a sensation in the area of the Elite Zone. As a result, Queenie became the biggest suspect who had killed the four disciples of the Zi Clan.

Of course, Queenie was inquired by Winona later on. However, the yellow-robed man from the Zi Clan had proved that the murderer was a man. Only then was Queenie proved to be innocent. However, the fact that she injured the four Zi Clan disciples also became a hot topic in the Elite Zone. Many disciples knew that there was a guy saying that he was a disciple of the Zi Clan and wanted Queenie to be his wife, which triggered this "good show."

Later, the news that four disciples of the Zi Clan were killed was reported to the masters of the Celestial College, and the dean ordered Katrina to investigate this case as soon as possible.

At the moment, Katrina was watching the investigation report about the murdered four disciples of the Zi Clan and Queenie hurting the other four Zi Clan disciples. Although the two things seemed to be related, there was a witness who had proved that the murderer was a man. She shrugged and decided that these two things were not related.

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