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   Chapter 250 Looking For Zachary

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"You guys should go to the underworld and keep the Welkin Sect's dead disciples company. After all, they were killed by your Zi Clan!" At this time, Zachary, whose expression was nothing but apathetic, walked straight towards the white-robed man. The man was vomiting blood.

"Stop! Please don't kill me! Spare me..." The white-robed man begged for mercy with a desperate cry plastering his face. However, before he could even finish his words, several streaks of sword radiance flew past the necks of him and the other three disciples of the Zi Clan. The moment the sword radiance vanished, their heads were decapitated and their own blood started pooling underneath their unmoving bodies.

"I wonder how the Zi Clan will react when they finally receive this 'great gift' from me? But this isn't the end. I assume Queenie would have been looking for me at this point. After all, it would be impossible for her not to be mad when I told her I wanted her to be my wife in front of so many people. If she can't find me, she will definitely create more trouble for the disciples of the Zi Clan. I'm sure those disciples would be very restless starting from today." As his gaze directed back to the four corpses in front of him, Zachary's lips curled to an evil smile. The very reason why he said that he wanted to let Queenie be his wife in front of so many people was to not only leave a deep impression on her, but also stimulate her anger and force her to commit a handful of irrational actions here and there.

Just as Zachary turned his heel to leave, two ladies suddenly appeared. Upon seeing the four corpses and Zachary who stood in front of them, the two gasped followed by one of the ladies shouting, "How could you kill people inside the Celestial College?!"

As she spoke, she rushed towards the man as fast as lighting. The woman uncovered her palm from the glove and attacked a vital part of Zachary's chest. In an instant, he was engulfed by a strong aura at the ninth grade of Heaven Level.

As the face of the lady burned into the back of his mind, Zachary's lips twisted into a smile. The girl was no one other than Rita. The other lady that was with her was Elva.

'Rita is far stronger than that man. I will be in trouble if she keeps on attacking me. I'd better retreat for now.' Understanding that this was no longer a good place to lounge, Zachary turned into a shad

orner of the room. Afterwards, he turned and said to the other four disciples, "We must go to the scene to have a look first, and then look for this guy separately. The Elite Zone is heavily guarded, and outsiders can't come in. This guy must be a disciple of the Elite Zone, so he must be in the area somehow. We must catch him by all means!"

The four disciples stood up straight and nodded immediately. "Understood!"

'You're looking for me? I'm afraid you'll get nothing from your little treasure-hunting game, ' Zachary, who was lurking in the dark, thought to himself. Suddenly, he felt an extremely strong aura of King Level outside the disciple dormitory. Then, a familiar figure came into his view.

'Here she is! A good show is on!' Zachary couldn't help but clap his hands and cheer with joy.

The figure was none other than Queenie.

There would be only one reason for Queenie to be here: she came to look for Zachary. Although she had offered a reward to whoever who caught him, there was no news about him after a day. She couldn't swallow her anger that worsened overtime, so she came to the residence of the Zi Clan and decided that she was going to look for Zachary here.

Upon seeing Queenie, Zachary immediately used his Shadow Pace to hide himself in an inconspicuous corner of the disciple dormitory to wait and watch what would unfold. At the same time, Alger Yuan, who went out of the house with the other four disciples, saw Queenie standing in the yard. They were stunned. They did not expect that Queenie would come to the disciple dormitory of the Zi Clan.

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