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   Chapter 245 Provoking Queenie

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"Yes, that's how pretty girls look like! An expressionless face is not pretty at all. We need to show different emotions on our faces..." Zachary continued, ignoring the shocked gasps of the crowd.

The onlookers were stunned as they thought that Zachary was courting death. How dared he speak to Queenie like that! As Zachary wore a hat that covered most of his face, and he was in Elite Zone, no one recognized him.

As expected, as soon as Zachary finished speaking, Queenie's emotionless face contorted with rage, and she ran toward Zachary.

"The angrier you are, the more beautiful you look. I like it!" Zachary crossed his arms over his chest. The mischievous grin on his face showed the crowd that he was behaving like this on purpose.

Seeing Queenie stalking toward Zachary, the disciples became concerned. Everyone in Celestial College knew about her personality. Since she was superior to all the others, she was very conceited. She hated being provoked, and would often severely punish the offender for their mistakes. What was worse, she even tortured the one who offended her to death!

Although Queenie was a woman, she was absolutely merciless.

Besides, Queenie also hated lascivious men. It was said that once when a senseless guy looked at her lewdly, she damaged his eyes. That guy could do nothing but suffer silently because of her powerful and influential background. She was like a queen in the Elite Zone!

At this moment, palpable rage rolled off her as she stalked toward Zachary. However, Zachary smiled and waited as if nothing had happened. Once the onlookers saw Queenie's fury, they were fearful of what would happen to him.

"Hi, pretty Queenie. Nice to meet you," Zachary greeted as he stretched his hand politely toward Queenie.

As few disciples in Celestial College would behave so normally in front of her, Queenie was a little surprised by Zachary's calmness and politeness. Only a few in the top ten of the Elite Zone were known to stand firm in front of her.

Not only was it strange that Zachary, who

obody in Celestial College dared to do so. At this moment, many disciples suddenly voiced lewd suggestions. They seemed to wish that Zachary would hug Queenie and do what they could only dream of.

Queenie, of course, would never let Zachary touch her. She moved her slender legs and deftly avoided the man. Then, she swung her hand, releasing blade-like light that was about to hit Zachary's left rib. It seemed that she was going to give Zachary a good beating.

However, the light only hit the ground and created a deep crack. Zachary had disappeared.

"Where is he?" Queenie looked around, only to find that Zachary was standing not far from her.

The onlookers were astounded when they saw that Zachary had dodged Queenie's blow.

"Wow! Pretty Queenie! You are cruel! Women are indeed the most vicious species!" Zachary cried out exaggeratedly.

"What did you say?" Queenie's eyebrows shot up in anger. She couldn't help but glare at Zachary as she questioned him.

"Well, I like it. I will definitely take you as my wife. The strongest disciple in Celestial College will be my wife. How awesome that will be! Ha-ha!" Zachary laughed wildly. Apparently, he was not joking. As the Zi Clan was at the premium stage, he could not depend on himself to get revenge. He needed to recruit people and find several wives with powerful backgrounds to support him.

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