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   Chapter 243 Return To The Celestial College

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A month's vacation had passed in the blink of an eye, and the outstanding new disciples who had earned the break had returned to the Celestial College to continue their cultivation.

During those thirty days that had neither dragged nor flown, the Welkin Sect's murder case had everyone in the entire Enigmatic Kingdom shocked out of their wits. What they found especially difficult to swallow was that Celestial College's new disciple, who had just made a name for himself, was being held responsible for the bloody murder. Consequently, the Celestial College became the scene for a huge uproar, with all kinds of gossip, where people started pointing fingers at the accused.

Of course, because Katrina and Sophie, Supernal Continent's two famous female warriors of Sage Level, had spoken in his favor, the discussions that ensued regarding his innocence or guilt kept the people occupied. Each had their interpretation, which always bordered on the dramatic to what could have happened.

Although Zachary was the principal accused in the Welkin Sect's murder case, he was not expelled from the Celestial College. That was because Katrina had stood guarantee for him. Therefore, he was temporarily only removed from the list of new disciples. So, except for him, the other five freshmen who were selected to the Elite Zone, enrolled in it, as per the previous arrangement.

From that day on, the five new students, including Elva, who entered the Elite Zone with Sara, would become a part of the exclusive area, which would make them the objects of envy of countless disciples from the Celestial College.

"Master Sara, since Zachary was removed from the list of new disciples because of the Welkin Sect's blood case, is he no longer a member of Elite Zone now?" Colin, a disciple of the five, asked meaningfully. The reason behind his inquiring was that if Zachary's position was vacant, the Virid Sword Sect's disciples stood a chance at competing for it.

Hearing Colin's words, Elva sneered inwardly. Although she did not say anything, her beautiful face was as cold as ice.

"I won't think about it for the time being. The case about the Welkin Sect is still under investigation. We ar

he scolded him angrily.

"Rebecca, don't hit me on the head every time, okay? There are so many people here. I'll lose face!" Richard immediately complained.

That beautiful girl was none other than Rebecca, one of the Elite Zone's excellent disciples.

"You are the first batch of the new disciples to be selected from the Freshmen Zone since our Celestial College was founded. Therefore, to get you into the Elite Zone at the earliest, Rebecca will take charge of all your arrangements from now on. If you have anything that you don't understand, you can ask her. Besides, the weakest disciple in the Elite Zone is at the premium stage of Heaven Level. So, you should know that there is a big gap between you and the elite disciples. I advise you to cultivate peacefully in the Elite Zone and not make any trouble!" Sara said sternly.

The five disciples looked at each other and nodded.

"Rebecca, I'll leave them to you." Saying that, Sara turned around and left.

"Let's go. I'll first show you around the Elite Zone, and then I'll take you to the disciple dormitory. Since the five of you have come here together, I'll arrange your accommodation in the same disciple dormitory, so that you can take care of one another!" Rebecca kept walking ahead, as she spoke.

The five followed her, preparing to start their new cultivation journey.

A few days later, a figure in a shabby hat and thick linen clothes walked into the bustling Celestial City.

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