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   Chapter 242 To Cure The Wound

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"Don't take it so seriously. I was really just joking. Relax! If you don't want me to call you Master Tania, I can just call you by your name, Tania. The meaning of Tania is 'fairy princess.' I think this works out even better. I'm so clever, huh?" Zachary stood proudly while puffing out his broad chest and lifting his chin with a sense of victory.

Tania sighed heavily and rolled her eyes in a slow exaggerated motion. She was truly regretting that she had not killed Zachary earlier. Now she didn't want to kill him because he could see the Fairy Stone.

Before, she was unsure why Zachary could see the Fairy Stone. She had thought that it might have been a coincidence, but now she knew better. After she found records left behind by the previous master of the Fairy Island, Tania had the answer that she needed. Even so, it was not what she wanted to hear, and was simply unacceptable. She knew that it would be best to have a talk with Zachary about the Fairy Island now that he returned.

"Well then—" Zachary began before Tania immediately cut in. "Zachary, I have something to ask you." Tania hesitated a moment before she looked up and looked him in the eye.

"I happen to have something to ask you. As they say, ladies first," Zachary playfully teased her. He felt a bit taken back by what Tania said. He really did not expect her to ask anything from him. Before now she always acted like banishing a beggar out of the Fairy Island when they met. It was a rare treat for her to take the initiative to talk to him. Maybe if he played his cards right, his apprentice quest just might be achievable.

"What's your name?" Tania said coldly.

"Tania, do you want us to make a fresh start? I'm flattered. My name is Zachary Zi. Do you know the meaning of Zachary is 'remembered by God?'" Zachary was certain that Tania had a bit of a crush on him at this point. In the very least, she was curious about him.

"How old are you?

What's your birthday and the exact time you were born?" Tania pressed.

This continued, and she asked a lot of questions regarding Zachary.

"Is there anything else you want to ask me?" Zachary started. "For example, are you interested in the measurements of my chest, my waist, or even my hips?" He couldn't help but tease her a bit. Her questions felt so detailed and personal that he needed to relieve some of the tension he was feeling.

"Wait here a minute," Tania said suddenly. Completely ignoring anything that Zachary said, sh

ve been exaggerating his state of pity, but he really did need to find out where Lewis was. It was clear to Zachary that his previously bad impression Tania had of him would be hard to break. If he was honest with himself, he knew it was rightfully so. Unfortunately for Tania, Zachary was not one to give in so lightly. If she wouldn't tell him today, then he would be there tomorrow to start the begging all over again. It did not matter how many days she refused him; he planned to come every day until she answered his question once and for all.

After he left, Tania poked her head out of the bamboo house. With Zachary and his shadow fading into the distance, her eyes flickered softly as she mumbled to herself, "Unless he lied to me, he might not be the successor of the Fairy Island. Could it really be just a coincidence that he can see the Fairy Stone? Although I want to find the inheritor of the Fairy Island as soon as possible, letting him become the successor is not an option. I would rather destroy the Fairy Island than let that happen!"

Although Zachary technically did not lie, he didn't exactly tell her the whole truth. She only knew information about the original owner of this body, not his own. As a result, she failed to realize that he was indeed the successor of the island.

After heading back, Zachary continued to heal himself so that he would be ready to go back to the Celestial College. He wanted to be sure that his wound was completely healed beforehand. Upon returning, he would have to sneak into the college instead of heading there directly. Being on the wanted list was quickly becoming a real annoyance to him.

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