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   Chapter 232 Save Lewis

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6773

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The strength of Warren made any one of his moves destructive and hard to resist. But now, the mysterious man who seemingly appeared from nowhere unexpectedly blocked his move. In the Welkin Sect, there was no one who could resist the attack of a warrior of Imperial Level other than Lewis.

Warren was visibly surprised.

After the flaming fist and the purple vortex collided with each other, the purple vortex immediately took the upper hand and forcefully sucked the fist into it and absorbed it completely.

A trace of blood flowed from the corner of the figure's mouth. He was barely able to withstand the attack.

"You..." Warren was surprised when he recognized the mystery person.

"Are you looking for me?" As soon as he finished his words, Zachary glared at Warren with eyes full of hatred.

"So you finally decided to come out. I thought you were a coward," Warren sneered and chuckled to himself.

"Why are you still here?" Lewis asked Zachary. He was surprised that Zachary was still around.

The remaining stewards and disciples of the Welkin Sect exchanged puzzled glances with each other. They were confused why Zachary appeared all of a sudden. And he saved Lewis from the deadly attack. Didn't these mysterious people claim to have orders from Zachary to wipe them all out? If this was true, then why did he save Lewis?

"It's lucky that I didn't leave. Otherwise, I'll be painted as the culprit for eliminating the whole Welkin Sect." Zachary knew that Warren did this to hide the truth of the murder and have him blamed for it. Even though he could flee now, he would soon become a wanted criminal of the Enigmatic Kingdom. In the end, it wouldn't matter if he was alive or dead; he would take the blame of the massacre of the Welkin Sect as well as of his parents.

"Lad, if you leave the sect now, you may have a few days more to live. But now you are seeking death by being here!" Warren expected that Zachary left the sect and went back to the Celestial College for safety, but he was not

around him. Dust and debris filled the air around him and Lewis.

"What a stupid, over-confident boy!" A wicked smile appeared on his face as Warren watched Zachary and Lewis engulfed by the turbulent sea of martial energy. He knew that no matter how capable Zachary was, it was impossible for him to resist the joint attacks of more than a dozen white-clothed warriors.

The warriors in white stood still as they watched. They waited to see the badly injured Zachary and Lewis appear once the dust settled.

Suddenly, two streams of violent purple martial energy broke out of the dust cloud. The two streams of martial energy turned into ghost shadows and sword auras that filled the sky as they intertwined with each other and moved towards the warriors in white.

The warriors were startled. They were convinced that it was the last desperately attempted resistance of Zachary. Thus, they did not avoid the attack, but chose to block the attack instead.

But just when warriors in white thought they could block the strange attack of Zachary, the ghost shadows and the sword auras mixed with each other in the air and instantly turned into a ghost warrior with a sword that immediately rampaged when it was within range of the white-clothed warriors. The white-clothed warriors were in complete shock and immediately retreated from dread.

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