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   Chapter 231 The Extermination Of The Whole Sect

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Under normal circumstances, the people of the Welkin Sect would not have easily believed these mysterious people. However, a few days ago, Warren had fabricated a story and said that Zachary murdered his parents. It was hard for them to think logically, and they easily believed what these masked people said.

Lewis, on the other hand, stayed silent. He knew that none of these people were sent by Zachary, and that they were actually sent by the Zi Clan to exterminate the Welkin Sect. It never occurred to Lewis that Armand was willing to kill the whole Welkin Sect just to bury the truth.

Lewis knew that it was useless to argue with these people. He knew that the most important thing was to stay alive. Because only if he stayed alive could he prove and testify against the conspiracy of the Zi Clan.

"Stewards, escape as long as there is a chance," Lewis said. Then his aura increased and reached the medium stage of Imperial Level, which was much stronger than that of the four warriors who were at the primary stage of Imperial Level.

"You're a truly worthy leader of the Welkin Sect. Your strength cannot be overlooked." Three of the four warriors at the primary stage of Imperial Level immediately flew upwards and surrounded Lewis. The last one rushed to the four stewards and hundreds of disciples of the Welkin Sect with the other white-clothed warriors.

A chaotic battle ensued in the square in front of the Heavenly Martial Hall.

Although the cultivation levels of the three warriors of the primary stage of Imperial Level were slightly inferior to that of Lewis, they did not let him have any advantage when they worked together.

Although the four stewards and hundreds of disciples of the Welkin Sect outnumbered their enemies, they were still defeated by the warrior and a dozen others with him. Their fierce attacks dealt a severe blow to the morale of the stewards and disciples.

In less than two hours, one steward was dead and one was seriously injured. The remaining two struggled to fight, but the fierce attack of the white-clothed warriors had drained away their resistance and will. They all seemed to have reached their limits and couldn

ill going to put up a fight? I wanted you to live longer to watch as we burn your sect, but since you want to die, I'm happy to be of assistance!" When Lewis approached him, Warren's eyes suddenly turned gloomy. He stomped on the ground with his left foot, and the ground underneath cracked. At the same time, pieces of broken stones flew away as if being sucked by something.

"Stony Fire Attack!" Warren shouted and summoned his attack. The martial energy was activated immediately. A strong force came out of his body and rushed towards Lewis as loose stones flew closely around it.

At this moment, Lewis was ready to risk his life. He did not dodge the attack. He forced himself to get to Warren. His body was constantly battered by the falling stones and was immediately bleeding. But he continued to rush forward without hesitation.

But a huge flame fist shadow appeared with terrifying momentum in the middle of the flying stones. This was Warren's real killing move!

Considering Lewis' current injuries, it was beyond luck if he could survive one hit from this attack. But just as the fist was about to land on Lewis, a figure suddenly rushed at Lewis' side like lightning and pulled him back. At the same time, the bone bracer on his hand erupted with light and formed an astonishing purple vortex in front of Lewis.

In the next instant, the huge burning fist shadow collided with the purple vortex and the battle was in a stalemate.

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