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   Chapter 230 Get Framed

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"Aside from me, only Master Lewis knows the truth, so I'm afraid that the Zi Clan will kill Master Lewis," Zachary said in a voice of concern.

"But you are alone," Elva replied in a concerned voice. She knew how powerful the Zi Clan was. There were many warriors at the Imperial Level. It would be very easy for them to defeat Lewis. And it was impossible for Zachary to win this battle.

"Elva, you should go back to the Celestial College right away to ask Master Katrina for help. She is the only one who can save the sect and Master Lewis!" Zachary continued. He knew that time was limited. It would take at least two days to reach the Celestial College and then come back. The Zi Clan might attack at any time. Hence, Elva might not be able to make it back in time. However, by sending Elva to the Celestial College, he could at least ensure the safety of Elva.

"But will Master Katrina come and help?" Elva asked hesitantly. Katrina came to the Welkin Sect before and the Celestial College warned the Zi Clan regarding its actions. But it seemed that they were not afraid of the Celestial College at all.

"Even if she doesn't come here herself, she will send someone to help us," Zachary answered firmly. He was still important to Katrina, and she would not let anything bad happen to him.

"Then you..." Elva said bit her pink lips. She knew that the decision of Zachary was too risky. If the Zi Clan knew that he was still in the Welkin Sect, they would definitely kill him.

"The safety of Master Lewis and the Welkin Sect depends on you now. Now, go!" Zachary said to Orion as he caressed its neck. He then jumped off from it.

Orion raised its head and rose to the air and rushed out of the dense forest.

When the huge hawk hovering above the forest saw Orion, it immediately rushed down towards it.

But a shadow suddenly dashed out of the forest, grabbed one of the hawk's legs and prevented it from catching up with Orion. Orion took this opportunity and quickly flew away.

Almost at the same time, a few figures at the King Level appeared around Zachary.

"This is the one! Master Warren said if he dared to leave the sect, we must kill him!" One of the warriors pointed a

dy too late?' Zachary realized that he was a bit late. But he did not rush inside. Because with his strength, even if he appeared to them now, he could not do much. The only thing that he could do now was save Lewis at the right time.

"Who are you?" asked Albert. Their opponents were all masked. They obviously didn't want to reveal their identity. Although there were only four of them, they were enough to eliminate the entire sect.

"We have come at the bidding of our young master, Zachary!" one of the four warriors declared loudly. He made sure that everyone present would hear what he had to say.

"Zachary?" All the people present were surprised to hear his words. They didn't fully understand what he meant. 'Haven't Zachary and Elva returned to the Celestial College already? Why would this group of mysterious people say that they were sent here by Zachary?' they pondered.

"Then what are you all doing here?" Barton asked immediately.

"Now that you've discovered the true identity of our young master, you've ruined his plans. None of you can survive!" A masked warrior laughed after he finished speaking.

"So it turns out that he really is a spy."

"It seems that we all have been cheated by him!"

"Damn it, he is such a cruel and cold-blooded man!"

When the stewards heard this, they were both shocked and furious, and the disciples were filled with anger. They felt that they should not have trusted Zachary, who had them all fooled.

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