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   Chapter 229 Tell Elva The Secret

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6946

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When Lewis learned that Herman was killed, he knew that the Zi Clan was going to act soon. He immediately ordered the disciples to guard all paths that led into the Welkin Sect.

"Zachary, you'd better leave the sect before sunrise," Lewis told Zachary in the Heavenly Martial Hall regarding the matter.

"Master Lewis, are you really going to fight the Zi Clan for me?" Zachary asked, although he already knew that Lewis had decided to do this despite the danger.

"The Zi Clan is too ambitious. Even if it is not because of your true identity, they will come for our sect sooner or later. But you don't need to worry about it. Just go back to the Celestial College. And I thought the Celestial College already warned the Zi Clan. I think they just want you. If they know that you've already returned to the Celestial College, they may not attack us anymore." Lewis hoped that a miracle would happen. He hoped that the Welkin Sect could survive the crisis safely.

"I hope so too." Zachary nodded at Lewis.

After leaving the Heavenly Martial Hall, Zachary searched for a secluded area and entered the system.

"Mimi, can I store the remaining time as a warrior of King Level?" Zachary asked Mimi.

"Well. I'm afraid that it will be a bit difficult. The reward is one-time only," Mimi explained.

"I need it urgently. If there is a way, I'm willing to pay the price," Zachary said firmly. He was convinced that the Treasure-hunting System was powerful and could do anything easily.

"Well, if you are willing to pay three hundred treasure-hunting coins, I will make an exception and freeze the remaining time," Mimi offered in the same flat voice.

"That much?" Zachary thought that Mimi just took advantage of the situation to rob him. Three hundred treasure-hunting coins was equivalent to at least a dozen treasures at the Heaven Level, and that was not a small amount.

"It is already against the rules of the system to do so. Since you're in an urgent need for it, I can break the rules for you this time. But you have to pay for it! But it's also okay


Elva was surprised to hear what Zachary said.

"Master Lewis saved my life, and I am not an ungrateful person. I originally planned to send you away from the Welkin Sect. Once you are safe, I will go back to the Welkin Sect and seize a chance to help Master Lewis," Zachary confessed to Elva.

"If you stay, then I'll stay, too." Elva also decided to stay when she heard Zachary's words.

"No, you have to go back to the Celestial College. Master Lewis did not reveal everything about what happened that night. There is a bigger secret hidden during the night of the murder of my family. Because of this secret, the Zi Clan will never let me, or anyone who knows the truth to live." Zachary shook his head. His countenance immediately changed to one that was filled with anger.

"So what is this bigger secret?" Elva knew that his secret must be shocking when she saw Zachary's expression.

"The person responsible for the murder was no other than the current head of the Zi Clan, also my uncle. I am the only one who survived, and I am the only one who could testify against him." Zachary told Elva the most important secret of all after a brief moment's hesitation.

"What?!" Elva was astonished and shocked at the same time. She felt appalled. She never expected that Zachary's parents were murdered by the current head of the Zi Clan, who was Zachary's own uncle.

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