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   Chapter 228 An Assassination

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"Elva, what did you want to ask me?" Zachary asked Elva, who looked like she was riddled with worry and confusion.

Elva looked up at Zachary as she bit her lip. She hesitated for a moment before she shook her head and said, "Forget it."

"What? Why?" Seeing that Elva suddenly avoided his curiosity, Zachary raised an eyebrow at her.

"Nothing matters more to me than to ensure you're safe and sound. You know that, right?" The look in her eyes softened. He had secured her in this hideout for quite a while already, and while she was here all alone, she was always worried about Zachary's wellbeing. She had to admit that he had an unwavering position locked in her heart, and it seemed that it would always beat and flutter whenever he was around.

"Oh, so sweet! After hearing what you said, I have nothing to regret even if I die." Zachary grinned as he spoke to her softly.

Hearing him, Elva suddenly blushed bright red. "Don't talk such nonsense!" She covered Zachary's mouth with her tiny hand.

With that, Zachary took Elva's small hand and held it in his, before he lowered his head and pulled her closer into a deep kiss. Elva was weak in the knees when his lips touched hers, and he pressed into her even harder. She was powerless against him, but she also felt safe and secure. She sank deeper into his kiss as her cheeks blushed furiously.

It took a while before Elva suddenly came to. She gently pushed Zachary away and she pulled back for air. "We can't do this," she said apologetically. She turned and left.

"What's this now?" Zachary shook his head with a bitter smile. 'She's sure making it hard for me. I know she loves me. I can feel it. Her pride is only getting in the way, ' he thought to himself quietly.

Zachary turned the other way and headed for the place where Herman was. When he arrived, he saw a few of the Welkin Sect disciples standing by the door. When he came into view, all of them suddenly stood still.

"I need to have a word with Master Herman," Zachary said, looking right in the eyes of the Welkin Sect disciples.

Nodding, they immediately excused themselves and made room for Zachary to enter. After he had defeated Herman in public, they knew better than to provoke the strongest disciple in the Welkin Sect now.

After Zachary went inside the room, he saw Herman lying motionless in a simp

ere was a loose end.

With a loud sigh, Armand put his hands behind his back as he stared out the window of his study.

"Fortunately, I handled it properly. I said that Zachary was the murderer of his parents, and forced the Welkin Sect to hand him over, so that we can buy time to take action. Besides, I already sent someone to kill Herman. I made sure to cut up all our loose ends. However, I'm not sure if Lewis and Zachary have known what actually happened back then," Warren said as he fixated his eyes on a fluttering bird outside.

"Only the few of you know the truth of what happened that year. I don't think Lewis or Zachary knows. Otherwise, they would have exposed it," Armand answered thoughtfully, eyes darting towards Warren's apprehensiveness.

"According to Herman's words, they have the evidence to testify against the murder of the former leader." Warren had failed twice because of Zachary's interference. If he hadn't brought this piece of news back in time, Armand would have punished him severely.

"A sparkle can always set off a big fire. It's true that we can't keep Zachary alive, especially with the evidence against us!" Armand said with a murderous look. "Bring a group of warriors to the Welkin Sect. Kill all the members of the sect. Do it as soon as possible. The people of the Celestial College have warned us not to mess with the Welkin Sect. You must not leave any clues behind. You must make it look like Zachary did all of this."

"Yes, Master Armand. I'll do it immediately." Warren's eyes flashed with a sinister smile.

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