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   Chapter 227 Leave The Welkin Sect

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When Zachary and Elva entered the Heavenly Martial Hall, the stewards were all surprised. Zachary had showed amazing strength during his battle with Herman. Additionally, he was revealed to be the son of the Zi Clan's former leader. They were eager to know whether he murdered his parents or not.

"How did you suddenly make a breakthrough again, Zachary? How did that happen?" Lewis asked immediately as soon as Zachary entered the hall.

"It's hard to explain. The strength is borrowed," Zachary replied with a shrug and smiled.

Lewis and the stewards remained puzzled. Whatever happened, he was now at the peak of King Level.

"But thanks to Zachary, the Zi Clan didn't succeed this time," Lewis said as he stroked his beard.

"It is a great loss to our sect that Bruce died and Herman became crippled." The stewards shook their heads.

"They have only themselves to blame. I think I treated them well. We all did. But unfortunately, they have chosen to take the wrong path. No one else can be blamed for this!" Lewis stated flatly.

"I didn't expect Herman could be bribed by the Zi Clan. In that case, Bruce must have acted according to Herman's orders."

"The Zi Clan is just so despicable!"

"I'm afraid that they won't give up that easily. And about what happened to Zachary, who should we believe?"

"Master Lewis, you should tell us what really happened."

The stewards all turned their attention to Lewis. They were anxious to get their doubts addressed.

Lewis glanced at Zachary. Zachary slightly nodded back at him as mutely understood. Lewis then told them the story of the night that he saved Zachary. He didn't tell them that Armand murdered Zachary's parents because the story was sensitive especially without any evidence to support it.

"So Master Lewis, it was only coincidence that you saved Zachary," Albert said with a frown.

"Yes. If I didn't go to visit Zachary's father, I wouldn't have been able to save him in time." Lewis nodded.

"But why would the Zi Clan say that Zachary murdered his parents? And they said they had evidence," Gray asked as he scratched his chin.

"There is clearly some misunderstanding abo

ook a brief look at Zachary and walked out of the Heavenly Martial Hall.

"Even if you go back to the Celestial College, the Zi Clan may not let you go easily since they have now known of your true identity. So always be very careful!" Lewis reminded Zachary seriously.

"I'm not worried about this, but I'm afraid that the Welkin Sect might fall." Zachary's eyes narrowed. He had a worried look about him. He knew Lewis' true purpose of asking him and Elva to return to the Celestial College was to protect them. He knew that Lewis was aware that the Welkin Sect was doomed to be in trouble. Since the Zi Clan had known Zachary's identity and that Lewis had protected him, they would surely destroy the Welkin Sect with no effort spared.

"The future of the Welkin Sect is in your hands now." Lewis' eyes rested long on Zachary, and he noticed his unwavering determination. Zachary was no longer the hopeless loser he used to be. Lewis felt proud, happy and sad all at the same time.

"Remember to keep this half of the letter written well. The other half should still be in the hands of Herman. But he has lost his mind. I'm afraid he won't give it to us so easily." He then handed the half of the letter that proved Zachary's true identity to him.

"I will think of a way." Zachary nodded and then took the half of the letter. Then he walked out of the hall, and then turned to Elva. "Let's go!"

Elva nodded. Soon, both of them left.

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