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   Chapter 226 Herman Is Crippled

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Zachary threw the half-dead Herman to the ground and squinted at him. The latter lay on the ground like a crippled person. Herman was unable to move. His wide eyes stared at Zachary in mute shock. Although he was unwilling to admit the truth, he knew that he was already defeated completely.

"All your meridians have been destroyed. I will not kill you because death will be too easy for you. You will live a life of endless regret and guilt. You killed Bruce, didn't you?" Zachary asked coldly. When he left with Elva back then, Bruce was not dead. Although Bruce had been seriously injured, his injuries were not deadly enough. Thus, Zachary suspected that Herman killed his own disciple Bruce to set him up.

Herman laughed out crazily as a ferocious and terrible look masked his face.

Lewis and the rest of the stewards shook their heads as they witnessed the whole thing.

'Humph, what a useless loser! He couldn't even defeat a disciple. However, this lad is really hard to predict. I saw him not long ago and he was only at the premium stage of Heaven Level, but now he is at the premium stage of King Level. But most importantly, he is the son of our clan's former leader!' Warren initially thought that even if Herman could not kill Zachary, he could at least beat him badly enough to cripple him. But he never expected that Herman would be the one who'd be crippled, while Zachary was completely safe and sound. Nevertheless, Herman was just one of his pawns, and he didn't care about him if he was disabled or dead. What he cared about was to find out the true identity of Zachary. He went to the Welkin Sect because he received news that Zachary was the son of the former leader of the Zi Clan, and that he had the key evidence that proved the truth of the murder of the former leader's whole family. Thus, he went and investigated the news in person.

Warren was one of the confidants of Armand, the new leader of the Zi Clan. He also participated in the rebellion against Zachary's father, the former leader of the Zi Clan and he was also one of the murderers who killed Zachary's father. Thus, he knew that if Zachary was still alive, it would be a huge threat to Armand and the current Zi Clan. Besides, the truth about the dest

cy that Herman allied himself with the Zi Clan and betrayed the Welkin Sect, his real identity was also exposed. To make it worse, Warren tried to set him up by accusing him of the murder of his own parents. 'The current Zi Clan is certainly despicably sinister!' Zachary thought coldly.

"Guards, lock Herman up!" After Warren left, Lewis gave a sign to the guards. He then nodded to the stewards and Zachary and said, "Let's have a further discussion in the Heavenly Martial Hall."

"I need to bring Elva back first," Zachary said. Afterwards, he turned into a shadow and disappeared.

Lewis and the stewards went back to the Heavenly Martial Hall.

When Zachary reached a deserted place, he entered the system and was teleported into the Peach Blossom Forest.

"Zachary!" Elva let out a long sigh of relief when she saw him. "How is Bruce? Did Herman trouble you?"

"Bruce is dead. He was likely to be killed by Herman. However, Herman's plot has been exposed and I defeated him. He is now a crippled man," Zachary answered calmly.

When Elva heard what Zachary said, she was shocked and her face changed drastically. Herman was the strongest among the stewards since he had reached the peak of King Level. But Zachary defeated him and even crippled him. Elva was visibly astonished.

"Let's go back first. Master Lewis and other stewards are waiting for us at the Heavenly Martial Hall." After he finished speaking, he and Elva turned into two rays of light and left the system.

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