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   Chapter 225 Safe And Sound

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Just as Zachary displayed his quadruple martial speed, he charged towards Herman like a lightning bolt. This only enraged and infuriated Herman even more as he did not want to be defeated by Zachary, who he believed was just a worthless disciple of the Welkin Sect. Showing not an ounce of fear, he stretched out his arms like the wings of a roc and flew at Zachary.

The two fighters clashed violently; energy crackled and snapped through the air when they collided, icy black against fiery purple. The martial energy radiated from within their bodies, constantly bumping against each other and bursting with great brilliance. The force of their combined strength could be felt from within a hundred meters from where they fought. It came to a point where all the other disciples in the vicinity had to retreat to the edge of the square to avoid getting hurt by the fierce power.

Although it seemed as if they had reached a deadlock in the battle, in truth, Zachary's power had completely surpassed Herman's in every possible way. Neither his martial arts nor his martial speed came even close to Zachary's.

Zachary's effortless execution of his deadliest skills—the Ghost Palm, the Lady Swordsmanship, the Shadow Pace and the Flawless Illusion took away Herman's chance at putting up a decent fight. Zachary left no room for Herman to exploit any errors because he did not make any. Not a single one.

Herman, however, was no ordinary foe. He was a famous warrior at the premium stage of King Level. Utilizing his wisdom and rich experience, he managed to hold off Zachary quiet well, but he was slowly approaching fatigue.

The fearsome battle between the two warriors lasted for more than half a day. Through bedazzled eyes, everyone watched the fight as the sun fell behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink. Silhouetted against the afterglow of the evening, the blurry haze of black and purple colliding against each other looked even more captivating.

The people from the Welkin Sect stood there in awe of what was unfolding before their very eyes. They would let out startled gasps, and sometimes they were just stunned and at a loss for words, completely immersed in the battle.

Finally, just as the sun was about to disappear into the night sky, the black light and the purple light tore apart from each other. The two somehow balanced themselves on the ground and stood just a few meters away from each other. Anger churned in their eyes as they stared at each other.

However, in contrast t

coughed, and upon looking up, he saw Warren standing on the roof with a cold, arrogant smile on his face.

"Warren..." Lewis gritted his teeth in anger at the sight of Warren. He thought that the latter had come here just to see two people of the Welkin Sect kill each other.

Herman howled into the sky like a wounded beast as he tightly held Zachary in his arms. The black flames consumed his body, and it seemed as though they were ready to swallow everything. Suddenly, the black flames started glowing before they transformed into a giant ball. Several curious eyes locked gaze at this ball of black flames before it exploded all of a sudden.


The black flames shot towards the sky and sparkled. In the blink of an eye, a fierce gale instantly blew hard and the black flames shrouded Herman and Zachary.

The people from the Welkin Sect widened their eyes, staring intently at the surging wave of flames. They all believed that only one person was capable of coming out of that wave alive, and that person was Herman. After all, they saw that Zachary was tightly held by Herman and he would not be able to evade the latter's deadly blow.

"Zachary..." Lewis' voice faded.

However, just when everyone had given up on Zachary, a loud bang crackled, breaking the silence and the surging flames began to simmer down. A singular figure slowly walked out from the flames, completely unscathed, carrying a bruised body with his hand. When the smoke and the dust began to settle, everyone saw who the last man standing was, and they were shocked to their cores. It was none other than Zachary, the same person who they thought had perished helplessly in the black flames.

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