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   Chapter 224 Battle With Herman

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6874

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Lewis had no intention to stop them. He stood with the stewards at the stairs to the Heavenly Martial Hall and watched Zachary and Herman who were a few meters away. He decided to wait and see.

"Brat, you're going to hell!" Herman shouted loudly and instantly released the strong martial energy. In an instant, up to a hundred meters from where he stood, waves of energy surged as dust flew all around.

A powerful aura surrounded him.

The disciples who watched the scene burst into an uproar. Herman never revealed his true strength before. It was a dream for the disciples to reach the peak of King Level.

Zachary had no fear at all as he faced Herman whose cultivation was one entire level higher than his. Instead, determination filled his slightly narrowed eyes. He then raised his hand to touch the Treasure-hunting Compass on his chest.

"Receive the reward of being a warrior of King Level for one day!" Zachary said to himself.

The compass on his chest suddenly burst into a bright yellow light that scattered around and instantly covered Zachary's body.

The scene stunned everyone. They didn't know what was going on.

The spectators soon sensed a crazy aura that constantly increased in power. It became more and more powerful as each moment passed. It surged from the Heaven Level all the way to the King Level.

A short while later, the light dissipated, and Zachary still stood there. He reached the peak of the King Level, same as Herman's cultivation level.

The whole square was abuzz with excitement. No one ever thought that Zachary possessed the power of the King Level.

"What?!" The stewards were all shocked. They stared agape at Zachary and was unable to say anything in their awe.

But Herman was the most astonished of them all. He never thought that Zachary could become this powerful. Several months ago, he was just a garbage disciple of the Welkin Sect, but now he had the same strength as he did.

Zachary also felt the martial energy inside his body was much stronger than before. There was a contin

Since you obviously want to die, I will be more than happy to help you!" Provoked by Zachary's words, Herman became mad. His martial energy erupted and covered his body. His aura increased once more. There seemed to be only a minuscule gap between his power and the power at the Imperial Level.

He stayed at the King Level for almost a decade, because he could not make a breakthrough. The martial energy in his body became stagnant during that long span of time. However, since he never stopped to refine his martial energy, his martial energy became a bit stronger than other warriors of the same level.

Zachary also released his full strength. He immediately increased his martial speed from triple to quadruple. The martial energy, a shimmering mix of purple and yellow, instantly rushed out of his body and formed a layer of light around him. His martial energy flowed swiftly on this layer of light.

"Quadruple… Quadruple martial speed!" Everyone in square was filled with shock at this moment. They all stood agape at what they saw. Although Zachary revealed an amazing strength in his battle against Nick, he never revealed his quadruple martial speed. Thus, when they saw Zachary's quadruple martial speed, they were beyond shocked. For everyone present, quadruple martial speed was almost unattainable. Even Lewis, the sect leader, did not possess it.

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