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   Chapter 223 Battle

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"Zachary..." Lewis' chest swelled with both melancholy and joy when he finally caught sight of Zachary. He couldn't help but breathe out a sigh of relief.

The stewards turned to look at him. They never would have expected Zachary to come back after he killed Bruce.

"You traitor! How dare you come back after killing Bruce!" Herman yelled as he made his way to the front of the growing crowd. His aura began to seethe with rage and hatred, and Zachary immediately took notice of it. He felt that Herman was ready to beat him to a pulp.

Of course, Lewis would not let Herman get his way. Almost instantly, he summoned his martial energy and blocked Herman from Zachary before he said, "Now that he is here, it must be because his conscience is clear. Why did you attack him without even asking if he really did it? You're acting like the guilty one here, Herman."

Hearing this, Herman took a resentful sidelong glance at Zachary's direction. Of course he knew that he shouldn't be too impulsive, because if he did, then he might just accidentally reveal everything. This was why he sighed heavily in frustration before he removed his aura.

Satisfied, Lewis turned to Zachary with an equally pointed look. "What happened? Did you kill Bruce?"

"No," Zachary replied with furrowed eyebrows. "I did hurt Bruce, but I left him when he was still alive. I didn't see him die." Zachary glanced towards Bruce's still body. He knew fairly well that Herman was going to kill someone and pin the murder on him. However, what Zachary never would have expected was that Herman would blatantly kill his own disciple.

"Did you hear that, Master Lewis? He finally admitted it!" Herman screamed angrily. "I told you! He's the spy that was sent by the Zi Clan!"

The other stewards were surprised with the sudden confession, but they still weren't sure whether to believe that Zachary was the only one who did it.

Lewis' eyes turned like cold icicles that threatened to stab Zachary. Zachary must have a decent enough reason to fight Bruce, but openly admitting to killing him still seemed a little excessive.

"A spy? Please, stop speculating," Zachary scoffed as he rolled his eyes. "Yes, I was a member of the Zi Clan, but that was a while ago. That doesn't mean I'm a spy. Why would I even be a spy for a clan whose leader is my sworn enemy? Master Lewis didn't reveal my identity to you out of fear that I might be discovered by the Zi Clan." Zachary was

p high.

"Master Lewis!" The other stewards turned to look at Lewis, wondering what he would do.

Lewis' brows furrowed as he sighed helplessly. He knew that Zachary didn't want to drag the sect into this. But he was too impulsive! Herman was at the premium stage of King Level, so there was no way Zachary could win against him.

He closed his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingertips. It would only get more heated and difficult if he tried to stop them. Zachary had to deal with this by himself. He only hoped that Zachary would be prepared enough.

"No matter what happens, do not interfere. Understand?" Lewis ordered, glaring at the stewards beside him.

The stewards nodded.

Pleased by the stewards' immediate compliance, Lewis led them out of the Heavenly Martial Hall. Zachary and Herman were standing opposite each other in the very middle of the square.

When the disciples of the Welkin Sect learned that another fight was going to ensue, they immediately rushed to the square just outside the Heavenly Martial Hall.

Soon, the whole square was crowded with people. Most of the disciples were still wondering why Zachary had killed Bruce. But no matter what the reason was, they all knew that as Bruce's master, Herman, would never show mercy to Zachary in any given battle. He would definitely let Zachary pay for what he had done. But if Zachary was to die from this fight, the Welkin Sect would suffer greatly because not only did they lose Bruce, but they were about to lose Zachary as well. Therefore, no matter what the result was, it undoubtedly would be a big blow to the Welkin Sect!

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