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   Chapter 222 Confrontation

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"Master Lewis, this is unforgivable! Zachary was so cruel and merciless to have killed his fellow disciple!" Herman accused Zachary.

"Why would Zachary kill Bruce? There is no motive for him to do so. We must be missing some crucial detail. Didn't you say that Elva was also present? If she was there, she wouldn't allow Zachary to kill Bruce," Lewis replied in a calm tone of voice.

The other stewards were also confused. They also felt that Zachary had no reason to kill Bruce. Moreover, it was a murder where Elva was also present. The circumstance was just impossible to explain.

"I saw it with my own eyes. Don't you believe me, Master Lewis? They were aligned together. I was a little late to catch them. Otherwise, I would have taken them here and confront them myself," Herman claimed, discrediting Zachary and Elva.

"There is no evidence. We can't know everything that has happened only by your words. I think we'd better find Zachary and Elva as soon as possible and get their side of the story." Lewis could never jump to conclusions just by the words of Herman alone. Moreover, he felt that there was something odd about the whole incident.

Herman suddenly leaned down and searched Bruce's body. Then he took out half of the letter written in blood from his pocket.

Lewis was shocked when he saw the letter. He wondered how the letter that he gave to Zachary ended up with Bruce. 'Did Zachary kill Bruce because he discovered his secret? But I don't think he is such a cruel man, ' he wondered to himself.

"Oh, my God! Zachary is the son of the former leader of the Zi Clan! What's going on here?" Herman shouted out in fake shock after he read the content of the letter in front of everyone present.

The stewards were dumbfounded. They never expected that Zachary was the son of the former leader of the Zi Clan. The disciple that they had trained for a long time was actually from the Zi Clan.

Herman then handed the letter to the other stewards. Although they couldn't be sure of the authenticity of the content of the letter, they all developed a sense of suspicion about Zachary's true identity.

"There must be a missing piece of the p

rom among the stewards. Besides, regarding this matter with Zachary, you must also be the one responsible for it and accept punishment!" Herman finally proposed insidiously and thus revealed his true intention.

At his words, the other four stewards' faces immediately turned pale. They never expected that the Herman would be brazen enough to demand that.

"And what if I don't?" It was now obvious to Lewis that Herman wanted to take over as the leader.

"Then we have to ask the two elders in seclusion to uphold justice for us." Herman was obviously prepared for this situation.

"Master Lewis, Herman is right. You have to give us an explanation for this situation, or else it will be difficult to convince the public of what really happened!" Barton said as he stood out.

"I already told you that I would explain everything when I find Zachary and Elva." What Lewis was worried about the most at this point was whether Herman had killed Zachary and Elva. If so, he would never forgive him.

"They have run away. And they won't come back," Herman claimed immediately. In his mind, now that Zachary's secret was exposed, and the letter written in blood was with him, Zachary would not dare to come back.

"Master Herman, why are you so confident of this?" At this moment, a voice suddenly came from outside the hall. Almost in the blink of an eye, a tall figure entered the Heavenly Martial Hall to the surprise of everyone present.

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