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   Chapter 221 Zachary Was Framed

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 6765

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"Zachary." Elva was stunned when she saw Zachary hurt Bruce without mercy. Although she knew that Bruce had gone too far, she thought that Zachary had hit him too hard.

Zachary stared at Bruce with an emotionless countenance. If Bruce was still alive after taking his blow, he could count himself lucky. If not, he had only himself to blame.

Zachary was exhausted after he used the spiritual skill. He walked towards Bruce to retrieve the letter written in blood. He wanted to leave with Elva immediately.

However, just as he bent down to get the letter, he suddenly felt a strong and bitter aura of King Level approach from behind him. When he sensed that it was about to approach him, his countenance immediately changed. Thus, he had no time to take the letter. He rushed to Elva's side, activated the Treasure-hunting Compass, and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

The moment when Zachary vanished, a figure came out of nowhere. He said with resentment to himself, "How could he move so fast?"

"Master! Master!" Bruce exclaimed. He was more dead than alive as he looked up at the figure with his eyes wide opened.

The figure was no other than Herman.

He stared at Bruce's pitiful face and leaned forward to check his injuries. He then shook his head and said, "You are badly injured. Even if I could save your life, I'm afraid that you would be disable for the rest of your life."

Bruce coughed violently from what he heard. He didn't want to become a good-for-nothing person, so he pleaded at his master in a stammering voice, "Master... save... me..."

"I want to save you too, but if you live, I won't be able to testify against Zachary. For the sake of your master, you better be dead." A horrible smile crossed Herman's lips as he hit Bruce's head.


Bruce spat out a mouthful of blood, and his legs trembled slightly. He lay lifelessly on the floor. In the end, he had paid for all his evil deeds.

After Herman made sure that Bruce was dead, he took the letter and tore i

ach other. So, it is useless for you to go back with me. So, just stay here." Zachary went straight out of the system after he spoke.

"Zachary!" Elva shouted but Zachary was already gone.

When he got back to the Ancestral Hall, he found that both Herman and Bruce were already gone. Only a messy bloodstain on the floor remained. He stared at it for a moment and then disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, the entire Welkin Sect was in chaos. The news that Zachary and Elva killed Bruce had spread all over the Welkin Sect, and it shocked everyone. Whatever the reason, killing a disciple was a taboo for disciples of the same sect. They would be killed if they committed such a crime. Moreover, Zachary was the best disciple that the Welkin Sect had carefully cultivated.

At this time, in the Heavenly Martial Hall, Lewis and the stewards watched Bruce's corpse that was placed in the middle of the hall. They were serious and silent.

"Bruce! How could they do this to you?!" Only Herman stood beside Bruce's body, feigning sadness.

"Herman, I'm so sorry for your loss!" Lewis said. He frowned and looked puzzled. According to Herman, it was Zachary who killed Bruce, and now Zachary and Elva were nowhere to be found. He felt that it was strange, because he was not convinced that Zachary would kill Bruce for no reason.

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