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   Chapter 220 Five-Incense Wood

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"I'm not a spy. The head of the Zi Clan killed my father!" Zachary didn't want to explain too much. So he gave Elva a straight answer. His eyes brimmed with anger as he spoke.

"He killed your father? How come?" Elva replied. She was visibly shocked.

"I can't say too much now. But I'll explain everything to you later. Bruce probably wanted to frame me by fabricating evidence against me. He wanted to drive a wedge between you and me. Just ignore whatever he tells you," Zachary said with a frown. He knew that Bruce wanted to discredit him. However, Bruce didn't have any evidence to support his lie.

"Okay. I believe what you have said," Elva answered. She became calmer now. Compared to Bruce, she believed in Zachary's words more. When she heard that the head of the Zi Clan killed his father, she was convinced that he wasn't lying to her because his face looked so sad and angry.

"Let's go." As soon as Zachary finished his words, he turned around and was about to leave with Elva. But he suddenly smelled a strange fragrance. A mere moment after he smelt the strange fragrance, the circulation of martial energy in his body suddenly slowed down and then stopped.

At the same time, Zachary heard Elva behind him suddenly shrieking slightly. He immediately turned towards her as she pressed her chest hard with a look of extreme pain.

"Damn it!" Zachary immediately knew that something was wrong. But when he was about to carry her away, a masked man showed up and stood behind her. He held a dagger against her neck.

Zachary stared at the masked man and he immediately knew that it was Bruce. Bruce drew him and Elva here deliberately into his trap.

"If you want her to live, hand over the letter written in blood," Bruce screamed in a threatening tone.

"How do you know about the letter? Is it...?" Zachary asked as his eyes suddenly reflected the anger that he felt within him. He remembered that he met Bruce at Lewis' place, and he might have known about the existence of the letter during that time.

"What is done by night appears by day. You are a spy for the Zi Clan! How dare you sneak into our Welkin Sect and do everything in secret with

mally, after he smelled the Five-Incense Wood, Zachary shouldn't be able to use his martial energy.

"Those who do many wrongs will end up dead! Hear that, Bruce!?" Zachary shouted with a sneer. The next moment, a huge blue shadow rose behind him instantly and an overwhelming power filled the entire Ancestral Hall.

Bruce suddenly felt a strong pressure coming upon him, which completely suppressed his breath and made him unable to move. He quickly realized that something was horribly wrong. His expression shifted quickly as he stared at Zachary in terror because he really couldn't figure out what Zachary did.

Without hesitation, Zachary launched an extremely powerful spiritual skill at Bruce. In an instant, a blue ghost hand rushed out of the Holy Bone Bracer and grabbed Bruce. He was raised high into the air by the hand before he could do anything.

"Spiritual skill! Demonic Hand!"


The next moment, Bruce was slammed down hard on the floor by the hand, and the whole floor cracked. The impact sent a shock wave like a stream of invisible force up to nearly ten thousand feet. Then the entire Ancestral Hall trembled violently, threatening to collapse at any second.

After a time, the Ancestral Hall finally calmed down without collapsing.

Bruce was down and unmoving. All of his clothes were shredded to pieces, and he was lying face down on the floor in a pool of his own blood.

Bruce was obviously near death.

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