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   Chapter 219 The Letter Written In Blood

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"We will then find his weakness and force him to hand over the letter," Herman said with a ruthless look. If he could get the letter, he could threaten Lewis and the Zi Clan with it. He could get so much more than what Warren promised him. And becoming the leader of the Welkin Sect was just a minor part of it.

"His weakness? I see it now." Bruce's eyes narrowed as a cunning smile crossed his face. He understood how to do it.

"This is the Five-Incense Wood. If you light it and a warrior below the King Level inhales even a little of it, it will prevent them to use martial energy for an hour. They will become weak and physically disabled. I think you could make use of it," Herman said as he took out a piece of yellow wood and handed it to Bruce.

Bruce took it and bowed before leaving.

He waved at a passing disciple after he left. "Go to the training ground and tell Zachary Elva is looking for him. Ask him to go to the Ancestral Hall. Don't mention me, understand?"

The disciple nodded with an alarmed look and hurried away.

Bruce went to the Bamboo Gully to look for Elva.

"Elva!" Bruce called out. Elva was not too far away. She was giving instructions to a group of female disciples.

"Bruce, what is it?" Elva had a strange look on her face when she saw Bruce approach.

"Elva, I need to talk to you about Zachary alone," Bruce said with a serious look. It was obvious that he had something to tell Elva that he couldn't say in front of the other disciples.

"Zachary? Talk about it right now?" Elva asked as soon as she heard Bruce mention Zachary.

"Yes. It's something very important," Bruce nodded.

"Okay." Elva left a few instructions to the disciples and then left with Bruce.

Elva followed Bruce as he led her to the Ancestral Hall. It was a place where the ancestors of the Welkin Sect were honored. The hall was located in a remote area, and very few people went there.

After they entered the Ancestral Hall, Bruce turned to look at Elva.

"Bruce, what on earth do you want to talk to me about?" Elva asked with a frown since she noticed that Bruce was being od

d a little pained.

"What's wrong Elva?" Zachary asked immediately when he noticed the disturbed expression on Elva's face. A hint of concern suddenly masked his face. "Are you okay?"

"I... I need to ask you something," Elva said after she hesitated for a moment.

"Sure, go ahead," Zachary replied. He couldn't shake an odd feeling about the whole situation.

"What is your relationship with the Zi Clan?" Elva asked immediately. She decided that there was no nice way to say what she had to ask, so she asked it anyway.

"My relationship with the Zi Clan? Why do you ask?" Zachary's countenance changed after he heard her question. He never understood why Elva suddenly asked him this.

"Because someone had just told me that you were a spy sent by the Zi Clan," Elva replied with a stern look on her face. She couldn't hide what she felt about what Bruce had told her.

"Someone? Bruce?" Zachary knew that only Bruce would say something like that about him to Elva.

"Actually, I don't believe it either. How could you possibly be a spy of the Zi Clan!? Your surname is Zi, though..." Elva shook her head.

"Elva, I don't want to lie to you. But I am connected to the Zi Clan," Zachary said after he hesitated and thought about it. He never wanted to hide anything from his beloved woman anymore.

"What? What are you talking about?" Elva was stunned to hear what Zachary had just said.

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