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   Chapter 218 The Letter Written In Blood

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"Read this." Lewis handed the white cloth with scarlet characters to Zachary.

"Was it written in blood?" Zachary felt his throat dried up. Lewis' silence was unmistakable—it was indeed written in blood. Yet, why? Why would someone take the time to write it in blood? He quickly shrugged all the questions on the back of his mind and took the white cloth.

"This letter was written by your father. It is the solid evidence that your uncle murdered your parents. Your father's last wish is that you take back what's rightfully yours in the Zi Clan and avenge him." Lewis paused, his eyes looking down for a moment as if he was trying to find the right words. "I haven't told you about the letter because I didn't want to put too much pressure on you. But now, I think it's time that I trust you enough to give this to you." Lewis looked back to him.

Zachary opened the cloth, and just as what Lewis had told him, it revealed the truth behind the accident in the Zi Clan three years ago, as well as the despicable behavior of Armand.

"Take these three things with you. If you decide to go back to the Zi Clan, the letter, the token, and the jade will prove who you are," Lewis continued.

Zachary nodded. He bade his goodbye to Lewis and took his leave. He looked around as he made sure no one was around. Then, he kept the bag into the system.

Meanwhile, Bruce found himself in a bamboo forest. A few feet away from him stood an old figure.

"Master." Bruce stepped forward and bowed a little.

"Have you found it?" The old man turned around and his blank eyes stared at him. It was none other than Herman.

"Yes, I found it," Bruce nodded. "As you ordered, I opened the hidden drawer in the inner chamber of Master Lewis' place. I found a cloth bag."

"What's inside?" Herman asked impatiently.

"There are three things inside. One is a letter written in blood. And the other two items can prove Zachary's identity. Zachary is the son of the former leader of the Zi Clan," Bruce reported without even blinking once. Herman's eyes slit as he was processing what he just found out.

The truth was, Bruce appeared in the Lewis' place as he obeyed Herman's command to look something—anything he could use against Lewis. Herman himself knew about the hidden drawer in the inner chamber wherein Lewis was the only one who had access to it. However, a few days ago, he successfully found out how to open

at Zachary. Amidst his furious glare, he hoped it would diminish his suspicions but he also knew it was far too late for that.

"Really? If you want to know something, just tell me. I'll tell you." Zachary smiled, as he provoked him. He knew there was something wrong when he saw Bruce at Lewis' place. It was no coincidence and he wanted to know what he wanted, to have gone through this length. Now that he destroyed his tent, his distrust was more than ever.

"Don't give me that look. You are just a piece of trash!" Bruce spat angrily.

"Then leave!" Zachary ordered.

Bruce huffed angrily and turned to leave.

Zachary's eyes turned cold as he stared at Bruce's receding figure. Although he was not sure what Bruce looked for, he was sure that he could be planning something against him.

On the other hand, Bruce went to find Herman after he left. He reported about his deduction that the bag had been given to Zachary by Lewis.

"It's too late!" Herman's face twitched in anger. His plan was perfect until this happened.

"Master, what should we do next?" Bruce asked, searching his eyes.

"We must find a way to get him to give it to us," Herman answered, his voice filled with annoyance. The letter written in blood was an important bargaining chip. Without it, he could not take down Lewis.

"I'm afraid it's not that easy. The letter is the only evidence of his identity, and of his father's death. If Armand knows about it, he'll kill his nephew just like how he did to his brother." Above all, Bruce knew that if Zachary wanted to live, he would protect the letter with his life.

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