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   Chapter 217 A Cloth Bag

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"Well, about him, it's really a long story." Herman hesitated for a moment and then roughly told the whole story that he knew about Zachary.

"You mean that he was originally a piece of garbage at the Mortal Level before he went to the Celestial College, but since he was admitted by the Celestial College, his cultivation level has been promoted to his current level? How is that possible?" Warren was astounded by what he heard. It was difficult for a warrior, no matter how talented, to upgrade from the Mortal Level to the premium stage of Heaven Level in just a few months. Normally, after a warrior reached the Heaven Level, it would take him at least one month or longer if they wanted to increase one grade. The higher their grade was, the longer it took. A warrior would take at least two to three years to approach the King Level. Even if they had quadruple martial speed, it would still take them at least a year and a half. However, it only took Zachary a few months to completely surpass almost two levels. Such a feat was simply unbelievable!

"It may sound unbelievable, but it's true. Anyone in the Welkin Sect can prove it," Herman said and nodded.

Warren thought for a while and found some possibly useful clues, so he asked further, "It seems that this brat is really unusual. You said that he was brought in by your sect leader three years ago? And he was seriously injured at that time?"

"Yes, aside from our sect leader, only I know this. When he was seriously injured, I was the one who personally checked his injuries. His martial meridians were seriously damaged, so he could no longer be a warrior. But a few months before the selection test for the Celestial College, his injured meridians were somehow healed!" Herman never understood why Lewis took the seriously injured Zachary to the Welkin Sect. Even Zachary's origin was a mystery to him. Now he felt that the sudden growth of Zachary was strange. Even, he considered that the whole thing might be arranged by Lewis on purpose.

"Really? This guy is really odd!" Warren

uce seemed to have a logical reason to be there. And his attitude towards him was much better than his usual, which made Zachary suspicious. But Zachary didn't say anything about his suspicion. He asked at once, "So have you found anything useful?"

"Yes, I found it. I will now go back to Master Herman's place. Zachary, just wait here patiently!" Bruce said with a pleasant smile and left.

Zachary also went back to the hall. Not long after that incident, Lewis came in.

"Master Lewis, you were looking for me. What's up?" Zachary asked eagerly.

"I've been thinking about it for the past few days, and I think it's time to give you things that belong to you," Lewis said with some hesitation. He knew that giving these things back to Zachary might make him walk on the path of revenge.

"Okay!" Zachary replied as he raised his eyebrows.

"Come with me then," Lewis replied briefly and went straight to the inner chamber.

Zachary followed him silently. A short time later, they reached the bookshelf where Bruce had been standing. A hidden drawer popped open after Lewis reached for something on the shelf. There was a cloth bag inside the hidden drawer.

Lewis took the bag and opened it. There was a piece of old white cloth with scarlet characters, an exquisitely carved purple token, and half a piece of ancient jade with its other half missing.

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