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   Chapter 215 Destroy From Within

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"Yes, you are right, Elder Elijah. But since Nick has been severely injured, we can't just leave it at that. Besides, as long as Zachary is with the Welkin Sect, our plan cannot move forward." Armand nodded and seemed to agree with Elijah. However, he loved his only son very much, so he couldn't let Zachary off so easily.

"If we want to get rid of the disciple named Zachary and solve this problem once and for all, we don't have to do it ourselves," Elijah said slowly and with a sinister look.

"You mean to make someone kill him?" Armand asked immediately as he started to understand Elijah's idea.

"Since our ultimate goal is to conquer the Welkin Sect, we can continue to follow the plan and destroy the Welkin Sect from within. We can start with one of their stewards. If we can buy one or more of them, we can destroy the sect easily. As for this Zachary, we just need to wait for an opportunity to kill him," Elijah offered.

"Good, very good. Elder Elijah, you are truly wise!" Armand turned to Warren. "Warren, you failed miserably this time. But since you've made great contributions to the Zi Clan in the past, I'll give you a month to make up for your mistake. It does not matter what method you use, but you must get the support of someone within the Welkin Sect. As for Zachary, I will need to see his corpse."

"Yes, Master Armand." Warren accepted the order with a bowed head. In the meantime, at the Welkin Sect

Zachary, Elva and Bruce came back to the Welkin Sect for two purposes. The first one was to have a break, and the other was to share their skills and experience on cultivation with the disciples of the Welkin Sect. On the third day of their return, Lewis arranged some talented disciples to learn from them.

Soon, two more days passed.

Zachary finished giving instructions to several disciples and was about to return to the system, when he suddenly felt a familiar powerful aura approach. When he turned towards the direction of the powerful aura, he saw the alluring and gorgeous Katrina standing in front of him.

"I suppose that Master Katrina won the battle," Zachary said. H

dilemma. It's better to go with the current situation." She knew that Sophie might not agree to help her even if the she took back the marriage contract. Moreover, she was also worried if Zachary was really willing to hand back the marriage contract. Thus, it would be best to let Zachary keep it first. Moreover, she was looking for other ways to make Sophie agree to help her.

"I've got a feeling that the marriage contract isn't something good to hold on to!" Zachary said with an impish smile.

"You should be happy to be married to a warrior of Sage Level!" Katrina said as she glanced at Zachary.

Zachary burst into a loud laughter.

"I should go back to the Celestial College. Take care of yourself!" Katrina left immediately after saying those words.

"You left too soon without leaving any treasure for me!" Zachary muttered as he watched Katrina leave.

"What treasure?" a sweet voice asked from Zachary's back.

Zachary turned around and saw that it was Elva who spoke.

"Elva!" Zachary affectionately called her.

"Who were you talking to just now?" Elva asked Zachary suspiciously.

"No one. I was talking to myself," Zachary replied while waving his hand.

She sensed an enormously powerful aura as she approached Zachary, but it disappeared when she arrived.

"Were you looking for me, Elva?" Zachary asked and changed the topic when he noticed the skeptical look on Elva's face.

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