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   Chapter 214 The Zi Clan

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At the Zi Clan in the Enigmatic Kingdom The Zi Clan used to be one of the very top clans of medium stage in the Enigmatic Kingdom. Three years ago, Armand took over the position as the head of the clan and started to annex smaller sects and clans in the Enigmatic Kingdom. After a year, the clan turned into a sect of premium stage. In the next two years, the clan developed very fast. Although it started at the bottom of the premium stage clans, its power could not easily be underestimated. It was definitely more powerful than the top clans of medium stage.

In a magnificent hall of the clan, Warren and two warriors half knelt at the center. They looked frightened and anxious.

A man in his forties sat on the tiger chair at the rear end of the hall. He had sharp eyes, dashing eyebrows and a powerful aura. His face slightly twitched with anger, but he never said a word.

The man was the current head of the clan, Armand Zi.

"Master Armand, it's our fault that the young master has been badly injured. Please punish us!" Warren knew that he failed to achieve the target result from the visit to the Welkin Sect. Additionally, Armand's son had been severely injured. It was a difficult situation where no excuse could easily be made. Thus, he decided to be honest with what happened and hoped that Armand would be lenient with the punishment.

"Elder Elijah, how is Nick?" Armand respectfully asked the elder who sat next to him.

The elder was at least in his sixties and his hair was already all white. He looked amiable and easygoing for someone of his age. He had worked for three leaders of the Zi Clan and he had very high prestige in the clan. He was also the chief adviser of the clan.

"I have completed the preliminary check up on the young master. He has been severely injured. At least two important meridians have broken. Even if they can be repaired, his future cultivation will still be impacted. And what's worse, it will be impossible for hi

s of the Zi Clan all discussed noisily again.

"Elder Elijah, what do you think?" Armand asked Elijah after he heard the words of the warriors present.

"I believe that the Celestial College will soon find out about what we have done to the Welkin Sect since Master Sara and Master Katrina were there. If we do something again, there is a high likelihood that they will interfere. So, I think it's best that we wait and see what happens first," Elijah explained patiently.

"Elder Elijah, if others find out about what you said, they will think that we are afraid of the Welkin Sect!" one warrior immediately protested. "Of course we're not afraid of their sect.

But it brings us no good to provoke Master Katrina of the Celestial College or Master Sophie of the Dignity College. There is no need for us to put our clan into a disadvantageous position out of impulse. Warren has made it clear that Master Katrina and Master Sara are paying great attention to this Zachary. If we just attack the Welkin Sect, I'm afraid that we could easily get into unnecessary trouble," explained Elijah. He was worried for the clan as a whole. Although the clan was at the premium stage, it was not yet one of the most powerful clans. Thus, they had to be very careful in carrying out any action and in making decisions.

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