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   Chapter 213 Sara Left

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"Zachary, there you are! I was just about to send someone to go find you!" Lewis laughed in surprise as he saw Zachary arriving. The man stroked his beard in fascination, as he and the stewards had gotten wind of Zachary's incredible performance in the Celestial College. He was thrilled at the knowledge that finally, there was a disciple of the Welkin Sect that had set himself apart in the Celestial College. It was good tidings for the future.

Some stewards in the sect had changed their mind about Zachary. The disciple that they had seen floundering at the bottom rung of the tier turned out to be one of the most noteworthy freshmen that the Celestial College had ever seen. Moreover, he had miraculously surpassed Bruce's and Elva's achievements, and both of them had been some of the sect's most promising disciples for years.

Herman, however, stood apart from the other stewards, remaining stoic as his eyes flashed in frigid winter's cold. He had expected, with all logical understanding, that it would be Bruce in this position. Bruce, whom he had worked on so hard to develop and foster, had been the most promising among the sect's disciples for years. And yet in a few short months, Zachary had upended those plans. Worse still, at the sect's most dire moment, Bruce was unable to truly give much help. And yet Zachary had managed it, saving the dignity and reputation of the sect. As Bruce's master, Herman bristled in private, ashamed of Bruce's ineptitude.

"Master Sara, are you feeling alright?" Zachary asked the moment he finished paying his respects to Lewis and the stewards, looking at Sara in concern.

"Everything is alright. Master Sophie, fortunately, had no real intention of killing me, apparently." And Sara was also fully aware that if Sophie really wanted to kill her, she would certainly not be standing here today.

Zachary nodded at her response before he turned his gaze to Bruce, who was giving him a withering glare.

"Master Lewis, if I may be so bold, the Zi Clan might not have said anything yesterday as they left, but I sincerely doubt that they'll give up so easily. After Zachary injured their young master, I'm certain that retribution is in their mind. There won't be any way to excuse this. Perhaps Zachary should be sent back to the Celestial College, for safety's sake," Herman suggested. He feigne

naturally, stepped forward to escort her down the mountain, with an inkling that Sara might have wanted to tell him something in private.

"Zachary, do us all a favor and lay low this month in the Welkin Sect, alright?" Sara reminded him as she and Zachary stepped out of the entrance.

"When did you become this personable?" Zachary asked with a grin.

She glared at him in answer. She always chose her words carefully and was seldom mouthy, but she ended up finding herself becoming a little more social whenever he was around.

"To be honest with you," she began in a non-sequitur, "I'm wondering if Master Katrina really is having a fight with Master Sophie. Were the two of them to truly fight, there's no way it would end in just two days." Sara's gaze flickered as she contemplated the scenario.

"Does that mean you're going back to the Celestial College? Or are you going somewhere else to look for Master Katrina?" Zachary asked, puzzled.

"I think I need to find and speak to Master Katrina first. She needs to be informed of the issue with the Zi Clan and there's no time to lose. It might be too late if I head back to the Celestial College first." She was deeply concerned that the Zi Clan might pounce and launch an assault on the Welkin Sect, or worse, that they might find Zachary. It was imperative that she find Katrina and ask her to handle the situation.

"I see. Take care of yourself, Master Sara. I'll see you again in a month." Zachary nodded and gave her a wave goodbye.

Sara took a long look at Zachary before finally departing.

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