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   Chapter 212 Failing To Become Tania's Disciple

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7882

Updated: 2020-02-11 00:12

"Master Tania, you just said that only the master of the Fairy Island could see the Fairy Stone. Since I can also see the Fairy Stone, does that mean that I am also the master of the Fairy Island? Or will I be the master of the Fairy Island in the future?" Zachary asked with a smile as he thought about Tania's words. Since he could see the Fairy Stone and had triggered the apprentice quest, the whole thing was absolutely not a coincidence.

Tania didn't know how to answer or handle this situation. The former master of the Fairy Island never mentioned anything like this. How could Zachary see the Fairy Stone?

"Since I can see the Fairy Stone, I am sure that I have a connection with the Fairy Island. So, Master Tania, have you considered accepting me as your personal disciple?" Zachary took advantage of the situation to convince her to take him as her apprentice.

"You want me to accept you as my personal disciple? Don't ever think about it again. And get your ass out of the Fairy Island right now. Next time I see you in the Fairy Island, I will definitely kill you." Tania was enraged by Zachary's brazen request. She thought he was too annoying. He had come to her Fairy Island to make trouble before and now he asked to be her personal disciple.

Seeing that she had a violent temper, Zachary acknowledged that it was really not going to be easy to get her to accept him as a personal disciple. So he grinned and said, "Then I'll leave now. See you later, Master Tania!" As soon as he finished his words, Zachary ran away as fast as a rabbit.

"This guy!" Tania finally calmed down when Zachary was gone. She looked back at the Fairy Stone and murmured, "Is it true that he has a connection with the Fairy Island? But if he wants me to take him as my personal disciple, he is absolutely dreaming! That won't happen unless I die!"

Zachary sighed in relief when he was finally out of the Fairy Island. Judging from Tania's bad temper, he knew that she was probably more difficult to deal with than Anne. Although Anne looked indifferent, she was actually a soft-hearted person inside. But Zachary could tell that Tania was a cold-hearted woman.

"It will take a long time before I could convince Tania to take me as her personal disciple," Zachary murmured to himself in great disappointment. He then began to think about possible wa

ter putting the materials into the furnace, Mimi's charming voice reminded Zachary, "It will cost a day and a night to complete the entire process."

"Well, I am not in a hurry, anyway. And I don't have to do it on my own, which really saves me a lot of time and energy," Zachary replied. He was pleased to be able to rest. He then went to the Peach Blossom Forest to help the Blazing Roc and the Thunder Dragon Horse cultivate their skills.

The night passed by uneventfully.

On the morning of the second day, Zachary left the system and returned to the Welkin Sect. As soon as he entered the Heavenly Martial Hall, he saw that aside from Lewis and the stewards of the Welkin Sect, Sara, Elva and Bruce were also there.

Although Bruce was badly injured yesterday, he seemed to have recovered a lot under the care of Herman. Except for his pale face, he already looked quite good compared to his bad situation yesterday.

He was seriously injured yesterday and was at the brink of losing consciousness, so it was not until this morning that he heard about the news that Zachary injured Nick badly yesterday. It seemed that Nick's injury was even more serious than his. Instead of hating Nick, he felt that he hated Zachary even more. When he came to the Heavenly Martial Hall, he heard the disciples of the Welkin Sect talking about what happened yesterday. They said that the strongest disciple in the Welkin Sect was none other than Zachary. This made him realize that his position was already taken over by Zachary, which made him even more jealous of him.

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