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   Chapter 211 The Fairy Stone

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"Okay. I understand." Elva nodded. She wanted to ask Zachary about Sophie. She thought for a while and decided against it. She understood that even if she asked, it was highly likely that he would not tell her.

"I'll return to the back of the mountain and rest. It's getting late. Elva, go to bed early," Zachary said. He then turned around and left.

It was nearly dusk when he reached the back of the mountain. The afterglow made the trees beautiful. When he reached the burned tree, he saw that his old tent was still there but it was disheveled. No one had been here since he left for the Celestial College.

He made sure that no one was around and then entered his tent. As soon as he got into his old shabby tent, he entered the system.

As usual, he went to the Living-dead Tomb first to look for Anne to get a treasure-hunting quest. However, Anne was not there.

"Is she fighting with Master Tania again?" Zachary rolled his eyes and entered the Fairy Island through the path that connected the two areas.

Compared to the gloomy and cold atmosphere of the Living-dead Tomb, the Fairy Island was like a tropical paradise. When Zachary arrived at the Fairy Island, he quickly found out that Anne was not there. Her scent was not there nor was he able to detect her presence.

"That's so weird. Where did Master Anne go?" Zachary planned to return to the system first. He wanted to leave before Tania could sense his presence.

However, just as he was about to return to the system, he saw a colorful and gorgeous light not far from where he was. He paused and became curious.

'Is it a hidden treasure? It's not against the rules to take a look in secret, right? This should be interesting!' Zachary thought to himself. The bizarre light formation piqued the interest of Zachary. He turned into a shadow and went straight in the direction of the colored bizarre light.

Zachary continued to explore the path where the light formation was. He then found a crack on the side of a small hill. The crack was big enough for a man to squeez

e, this time you broke into the forbidden area of the Fairy Island. This is truly unforgivable. Even if I don't kill you, you will be maimed before you can leave this island!"

Zachary was shocked. He knew she wasn't joking. "Why is this a forbidden area when there is only a stone here? What's the big deal?"

"Stone? What do you mean?" Tania was visibly stunned.

"This one!" Zachary said as he pointed at the Fairy Stone beside him.

"You can see the Fairy Stone? That is not possible! No one can see the Fairy Stone except me!" Tania's eyes grew wide in surprise as she stared at Zachary. The Fairy Stone was the core source of power of the Fairy Island. However, only the master of the Fairy Island and no one else saw the stone. Even Anne, who was here before, was no exception. But Zachary could see the Fairy Stone. She was astonished and did not know what to do or say.

"Is that true? But I can see it clearly! And I even touched it!" Zachary said. Tania's words had confused him.

"So the recent changes in the Fairy Island was because you touched the Fairy Stone!" The reason why Tania came here was the sudden shaking just now. She thought there was something wrong with the Fairy Stone, so she came here to have a look. But she never expected that it was because Zachary touched the Fairy Stone. And this meant that he could really see the stone!

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