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   Chapter 210 Conversation With Lewis

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Lewis had no idea how Zachary had advanced so fast in a short period of time. And he had something more pressing to worry about. He turned to Zachary and Elva as he said, "You must be tired from the journey back. Why don't you go and rest now? We can continue talking tomorrow. Anyway, Master Sara won't recover until tomorrow. And Zachary, come with me. I have something to give you." He then turned around and left with his hands clasped behind his back.

Zachary followed Lewis as everyone watched them walk away.

They soon arrived at the hall where Lewis normally cultivated. Zachary noticed that the hall was lined with bookshelves filled with books. Lewis loved books and collected all kinds of books and records about the Supernal Continent that he could find. He was known to be a very knowledgeable person.

"Have a seat." Lewis beckoned to Zachary as they entered the hall.

Zachary turned to a chair and walked towards it. He sat on the chair on one side of the hall, while Lewis sat on a couch where he usually cultivated.

"Master Lewis, what do you want to say to me in private?" Zachary suspected that Lewis only pretended that he had something to give him, but it was only an excuse so that they could talk in private.

"Zachary, are you hiding something from me?" Lewis asked as his eyes flickered. In the past, Zachary's sudden improvement had already been strange to him. Just a few months after he entered the Celestial College, his strength improved from the Mortal Level to the eighth grade of Heaven Level, and this made Lewis uneasy. He was happy to see Zachary's improvement, but he was also worried about the possible unexpected consequences from the unbelievably fast pace that Zachary advanced. Since ancient times, many warriors went astray when they tried to make breakthroughs as fast as possible, and they regretted their choices.

"Huh?" Zachary smiled gently. He neither admitted nor denied Lewis' suspicions.

"It doesn't matter if you don't feel like telling me, but I still need to remind you: don't take the wrong path to achieve strength fast!" He knew that Zachary had his secr

interests in Zachary.

"If there's nothing else, Master Lewis, I will go now," Zachary said when he noticed that Lewis had finished asking all the questions that bothered him.

"Alright." Lewis nodded and waved at Zachary.

Zachary nodded impulsively and went out of the hall. When he exited the door, he was surprised that Elva stood there as if she waited for him.

"Elva? What are you doing there? Are you waiting for me?" Zachary asked Elva with a wide smile.

"Master Lewis said he had something for you. What was it?" Elva asked with an obvious concern in her voice.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just my parents' belongings," Zachary answered dismissively.

"Did he say anything else?" Elva continued.

"He questions about my stay at the Celestial College and why I suddenly became so strong," Zachary replied as he shrugged his shoulders.

"I also want to know." Of all the people who personally knew Zachary, she thought that she was perhaps the one who witnessed and even experienced his improvement the most. Thus, she was more curious than anyone else about how he did it.

"And you will. But not yet. Not today," Zachary answered thoughtfully. Although Elva was now one of the most important women in his life, he could not let anyone know his secrets, including her.

However, he didn't want to conceal too much from his woman, so he decided that he would tell her when the time was right.

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