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   Chapter 209 Katrina's Appearance

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"Sara, it's not easy for you to cultivate to your current level, I don't want to kill you. If Katrina wants Zachary, let her come to me in person," Sophie said. Her words indirectly reminded her not to meddle in other people's affairs or she would regret it.

But Sara was stoic in her decision and did not budge an inch.

Sophie's face twisted in anger as she glared at her. She waved her delicate hand and it fiercely slapped Sara's body. Sara's clothes were torn apart and her skin was badly wounded and bled.

Zachary's brows furrowed at what he saw. It became obvious to him that Sophie was a very violent person.

But despite what happened, Sara still didn't relent.

A series of crackling sounds were heard.

Sara was now almost naked and her fair skin was exposed. Bruises and wounds covered her body. But in a display of sheer defiance, she still didn't budge an inch.

"You leave me no choice but to kill you. What a pity!" Sophie never expected Sara to be so unyielding. A murderous intent started to burn in her eyes that gave her a sinister yet beautiful demeanor.

"Master Sara, don't do this! Just leave me alone!" Zachary shouted in a worried tone of voice. A look of concern and helplessness twisted his face. He never wanted to see anything bad happen to her because of him.

But Sara never heeded his words. She still stood defiantly in Sophie's way.

Sophie took one step towards Sara and she was suddenly engulfed by a powerful force. A strong demonic aura suddenly rushed wildly towards Sara.

Everyone was worried about Sara. Although Sara was a warrior of Imperial Level, she was like a three-year-old in front of Sophie, who was much more powerful than her. Everyone's heart sank at the thought that she might not survive the fight.

"Sophie, you should first ask my permission before you hurt my people!" A sweet voice echoed from the air as it called out Sophie's attention.

Everyone was surprised when they looked up to see who spoke from above.

"Wow! Master Katrina is here!" Zachary said in a voice filled with relief and surprise.

Even Sara was visibly shocked.

A colorful phoenix flew in the air, and then hovered above the training ground. The powerful aura of the treasure beast shrouded the entire space.

"A treasure beast! Look! It's a treasure beast!" someone shouted. And then the crowd was immediately in an uproar.

When the colorful phoenix shadow landed on the groun

reaction at all.

Because Sara was injured in the conflict, Lewis immediately ordered someone to prepare a room for her to heal her wounds. As for the seriously injured Bruce, he was also taken away by Herman. When everything and everyone was settled on the training ground, Zachary and Elva went to the palace of the Welkin Sect with Lewis and the stewards.

A few minutes of conversation later, Lewis and the stewards found out the reason why Zachary, Elva and Bruce came back with Sara. They were surprised that they performed extremely well in the Celestial College so they were given a month's worth of vacation. The time could also be used for them to share what they learned with the disciples of the Welkin Sect. However, the greatest surprise for Lewis and the stewards was the news that Zachary and Elva had made it to the Elite Zone of Celestial College in advance. It was a cause for great joy for them.

"It seems that Zachary and Elva have really fought for our Welkin Sect this time. And fought really well too!"

"Yeah, that's true. I have never heard that in the Celestial College, one can enter the Elite Zone in advance."

"I have already known that Zachary is truly extraordinary!"

The stewards started to discuss with each other in obviously excited voices. Their attitude towards Zachary became completely different from before he entered the Celestial College.

Lewis was completely beside himself in happiness at the news. He fully understood the great impact this would have for the Welkin Sect as well as its ultimate importance if Zachary and Elva could enter the Elite Zone in advance.

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