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   Chapter 208 Lady Evil

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"May I know your name, master? If you want to take Zachary away, at least tell me who you are." Lewis was smart. He knew there would be consequences if he stopped the woman, but he wanted to know her identity first before she had her way.

"Old man, you are so annoying! I told you to banish him from the Welkin Sect. Stop talking nonsense! Do you think I'm joking?" Sophie said irritably. Her anger manifested a strong murderous aura, and it spread through the air. Everyone present trembled with fear the moment they sensed it.

Even Sara, Lewis, Warren and the two warriors of Imperial Level from the Zi Clan felt the weight of the deadly aura. Their faces turned pale and serious.

"Master Sophie, please don't give our sect leader a hard time. I'll willingly go with you," Zachary said as he analyzed the situation. He knew Sophie was serious. He didn't want to get innocent people of the Welkin Sect into any trouble. He planned to try to get rid of her after she took him away from here.

"Great!" Sophie's murderous aura disappeared the moment Zachary complied, and her lips formed a satisfied smile.

Seeing her attitude turn completely different from her state just minutes ago, everyone was stunned. All it took was for Zachary to agree to go with her, and they couldn't believe how quickly her mood changed. They felt as if Sophie and Zachary weren't really enemies because there was a faint, ambiguous atmosphere between them.

"But some guys want to take me away too. What should I do?" Zachary made an indecisive expression and his tone was laced with worry.

"Who?" Sophie shouted with eyes cold as ice.

"Those three!" Zachary pointed to Warren and the two warriors from the Zi Clan.

Seeing that Zachary used Sophie to deal with them, Warren and the two warriors clenched their teeth, and their eyes seethed with hatred. But since they had the support of the Zi Clan, they didn't show an ounce of fear. "Master, this man seriously injured our young master. We must take him back to our clan and punish him. Please, I urge you to hand him over to us. I assume he has offended you in some way, so you plan to ruin his reputation and torture him.


Zachary also laughed. 'Ha-ha. What happened to your arrogance earlier? She has my back, so you had better kneel down to me. You really need a bigger reputation to gain some respect these days!' he thought.

"Get down on your knees!" Sophie shouted. Seeing that Warren was still standing in a daze, she trained her eyes on his figure and a strong force of martial energy shrouded him. Warren felt a great pressure on him, and he was forced to kneel down on the ground.

"I... I was wrong!" Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He knew very well that he would die if he angered Sophie further. In the end, he had to kneel down and apologize to Zachary in front of the crowd.

"Are you satisfied?" Sophie asked, turning to look at Zachary.

"Sort of. They're all lackeys of the Zi Clan. They're used to things like that," Zachary sneered.

"Then come with me," Sophie said, and she turned around, beckoning for him to follow her

Zachary hesitated, and looked at Lewis, Elva and Sara. He knew Sophie would threaten him again if he didn't leave with her. So he decided to take Sophie out of the Welkin Sect first and then come up with another plan.

"Master Sophie, if you take Zachary away like this, I wouldn't know how to explain it to Master Katrina," Sara said before they could disappear. She couldn't just stand by and do nothing when her disciple was about to be taken, so she gathered her courage to stop Sophie.

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