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   Chapter 207 Drive Zachary Out Of Welkin Sect

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It was apparent that Zachary, Sara, and the other four warriors of Imperial Level could sense the strong aura.

In the blink of an eye, a beautiful silhouette fell from the sky before it landed in the very center of the crowd. The woman was dressed in a pale yellow silk dress, which complimented her heart-shaped face and doe eyes. Everyone was so enamored by her beauty that they all stared at her with wide eyes. The strong, demonic aura emanated from her voluptuous figure which further attracted the crowd even more.

Even Warren, as well as the two seniors of the Zi Clan, were looking at her with shock and forgot what they were about to do.

'Is that... Master Sophie? What is she doing here?' Sara thought to herself and tried to hide her surprise.

Apart from Sara, Elva and two stewards from the Welkin Sect had already seen Sophie before, but they weren't aware of her real identity. This was why they got so curious at her appearance.

However, Zachary held a lazy smile on his face, as if he knew full well what Sophie's intentions were in her sudden appearance.

Sophie confidently passed through the crowd, glaring past the weak disciples, before she stopped in front of them. She looked around with a playful smirk on her face before she asked lazily, "Who's the leader of the Welkin Sect?"

When Lewis heard that Sophie was looking for him, he swallowed hard. He didn't know what a warrior of Sage Level would ever want with a guy like him, especially since he never formally met her before. His eyes darted around before he finally stepped in front of her. He then cupped his hands to show respect. "I'm Lewis Xuan, the leader of the Welkin Sect. Is there anything I can help you with, master?" Although Lewis was clueless as to who she really was, he wanted to make sure that he didn't offend her, which was why he addressed her as "master."

"Oh! So you're the leader of the Welkin Sect," Sophie replied humorously. She gave Lewis a once over before she shook her head disapprovingly at him. "Such a shame. With your cultivation level, it'd be such a waste to let a talented disciple into your Welkin Sect."

Hearing her jibe at him, Lewis frowned and replied, "I'm sure that you didn't just come here to spend your time insulting me,

of them obviously valued their lives, and judging from their nervous reactions, they were worried that Lewis might just choose Zachary over all of them.

Elva didn't expect that things would turn out like this. It never occurred to her that Sophie would force Zachary out of the Welkin Sect. But whatever the cost, she certainly wouldn't let this happen. She stepped forward immediately and said, "Master, if Zachary offends you in any way, I'm willing to take the punishment for him. I would be happy enough to offer my life for him. I only hope that you can be considerate enough to let go of Zachary and the other disciples of the Welkin Sect!"

When the disciples heard what Elva said, they felt both envious and embarrassed. They could never have Elva's courage and they knew it. To them, Elva was their goddess. In such a dangerous situation, she was willing to stand out to protect them. But no matter what, they knew Elva wouldn't stand a chance to go against this dangerous woman's wishes.

"I must say, you have some guts. I like it. But don't pull your panties in a bunch. I don't want him dead. I'm just taking him away," Sophie explained. She had to admire Elva's bravery. Quietly, Sophie thought that she was seeing her old self in Elva's image.

However, Sophie's sudden revelation of her plans just made everyone more confused. Why did she ask Lewis to expel Zachary from the Welkin Sect just so she could take him away? What was so special about Zachary that made her value him so much?

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