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   Chapter 206 Take Zachary Away

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When Lewis saw that Warren wanted to take Zachary away, he flew in the air to stop Warren.

But one of the seniors of the Zi Clan anticipated Lewis's move. He immediately moved to block Lewis.

Warren stretched out his hand and released martial energy of Imperial Level. The martial energy turned into a huge golden net that moved towards Zachary. He had nowhere to escape and was about to be captured.

Zachary never moved to avoid the incoming net. He just stood confidently in place.

The disciples of the Welkin Sect became worried about Zachary and thought that it was hard for him to escape the golden net. Elva scowled as she watched the event unfold before her. Although she was worried, she still remained composed.

But just as Warren was about to capture Zachary, a delicate feminine figure appeared near him. A sharp aura shot forth from her fingertips and went towards the golden net of Warren.


After the intense aura broke through the net, it kept going towards Warren. He sensed that the aura was at the medium stage of Imperial Level, which was no weaker than his. So he decided not to face it head on and dodged it immediately.


The aura missed Warren and collided with the ground instead. A powerful explosion rocked the area where the aura exploded. When the dust and smoke cleared, a huge crater was visible where the aura had hit.

The delicate feminine figure landed in front of Zachary as she kept him safely behind her back. A harsh and powerful aura radiated from her that seemed to announce to everyone present that no one could take Zachary away from her.

Everyone was surprised with what suddenly unfolded in front of them. They never expected that a mysterious master would appear at this critical moment to protect Zachary.

Warren was shocked when he recognized the delicate feminine figure.

"Master Warren, since when have you resorted to base banditry? Abusing your clan's power to rob disciples from other sects?" the delicate figure asked as she scowled at Warren.

"What are you doing here, Master Sara?" Warren never expected that Sara would suddenly arrive. He was aware of Sara's status and thought about his next words and actions very carefully.

The people from the Welkin Sect immediately recognized Sara. They felt relieved that Sara was there. Warren had just lost his advantage of strength in forcing the Welkin Sect to submit to what the Zi Clan wanted, including the abduction of Zachary.

'It seems that Master Sara and Zachary

nd so do I!" Lewis declared in a determined voice. Lewis could not simply sit and watch as someone who was not a member of the Welkin Sect fought to defend one of his disciples. Since he had the support of Sara, he was no longer afraid of offending the Zi Clan. He moved quickly forward and activated his aura of Imperial Level as he positioned himself to protect Zachary with Sara.

"Humph, then don't blame our clan for bullying you by the sheer number of our people." Seeing that Sara and Lewis had joined forces to fight, Warren immediately signaled to the two seniors of Imperial Level. He knew that the cultivation level of Sara was definitely not weaker than his. Thus, he knew that he should not be careless.

The two seniors of Imperial Level positioned themselves at either side of Warren and stood opposite Sara and Lewis. Although there were several stewards in the Welkin Sect that were present, they were only at the King Level. Even Herman was one step away from the Imperial Level. So they could only step aside and watch the battle.

It was three against two. But Lewis' cultivation level was higher than those of the two seniors, and there was not much difference in cultivation level between Warren and Sara. The overall cultivation levels of both sides were more or less the same.

Everyone waited and held their breath as the five prepared themselves for the battle. At that moment, without warning, Zachary suddenly turned towards a direction. He felt a familiar powerful aura coming from that direction.

'This aura, ' Zachary thought as a mischievous smile crossed his lips. He thought that things were bound to become more interesting very soon.

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