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   Chapter 205 The Zi Clan's Heir

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The words of the Zi Clan's senior shocked the disciples of the clan. The disciples of the Welkin Sect, on the other hand, were not so surprised, as they had seen Sara give the manual on the Ghost Palm to Zachary. But they were still a little shocked. They were aware that warriors not only needed to have great cultivation level, but also great understanding of a martial art when they cultivated it. If a warrior's talent was poor, even if they had the best martial art, they would not be able to fully understand it. The higher the level of a martial art was, the higher a warrior's talent was required. Hence, a martial art at the premium stage of Heaven Level was not something that an ordinary warrior could master.

Since Zachary had mastered the Ghost Palm which was a martial art at the premium stage of Heaven Level, it meant that his talent was far beyond ordinary.

Not long ago, everyone in the Welkin Sect looked down on Zachary and considered him a loser. When he returned from the Celestial College, not only had he shown his cultivation at the premium stage of Heaven Level, but he also defeated the Zi Clan's best disciple with the Ghost Palm. He had been just a loser before, but now he was the strongest disciple in the Welkin Sect. All the Welkin Sect disciples admired him when they witnessed his unmistakable improvement.

'The Ghost Palm? As far as I know, this is a lost martial art at the premium stage of Heaven Level. How could a disciple of the Welkin Sect learn a lost martial art?' Warren thought to himself as his rage swelled within. He looked up at Zachary with seething anger. Although he was dumbfounded by Zachary's display of strength, he was still able to maintain his composure and think about the situation with a clear mind. He had seen numerous great talents and strange things during his life. There were two things that he thought about. First, he had never heard a third talent in the Welkin Sect that was superior to Bruce and Elva. Second, the performance of Zachary proved that he was very important to the Welkin Sect. Zachary was a blessing to the W

he leader of the Zi Clan.

The disciples of the Welkin Sect also looked at each other in amazement.

Elva's brows furrowed. She knew that Zachary was in trouble again, but she understood that this time it was definitely not Zachary's fault and the Zi Clan was entirely to blame!

'Oh, so he is the young master of the Zi Clan. And if I had known that, I would have killed him, ' Zachary quietly thought to himself. A murderous look flashed across his eyes as he glanced at the helpless body of Nick. Nick was the son of Zachary's enemy. Although Zachary was Nick's cousin, Zachary no longer considered him the person that he was. Nick's father, an uncle of the original owner of Zachary's body, killed the parents of his body's original owner and rose to the position of leader of the Zi Clan. So even if Zachary killed Nick, he was just doing the right thing.

"Master Warren, we'd better take him back with us and let our leader deal with him!" said one of the two seniors of the Zi Clan with a serious look on his face. They knew clearly that if they didn't bring a scapegoat, they would be in big trouble since they didn't protect their young master.

Warren planned the same thing and his eyes flashed when he heard the senior. He suddenly moved so fast that he was immediately in front of Zachary. He planned to capture Zachary alive and bring him back to the Zi Clan for punishment.

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