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   Chapter 204 The Ghost Palm

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Elva glared at Nick and thought that he was crazy. She was willing to be handed over to the Zi Clan.

Lewis and the stewards of the Welkin Sect knew it was not a good time to pick a fight with the Zi Clan. If they really wanted to forcefully take Elva, they could do nothing to stop them. And since Bruce had lost the battle, there was no other disciple who could defeat Nick anymore. The Zi Clan had all the reasons to take her away.

"You ignorant little bastard! How dare you harass my wife! Kneel down!" An irresistible power came at Nick unexpectedly as a blue figure rose in the air. The person had such a superior aura that it made Nick extremely weak in an instant. His legs trembled and he couldn't help but kneel on the ground.

Everyone in the Welkin Sect and the Zi Clan watched agape with shock. They never imagined that Nick, who took down the strongest disciple of the Welkin Sect with just one move, would suddenly be forced to kneel on the ground by a powerful aura.

Everyone saw the flash of the blue light, but Nick was the only one who sensed the power of the blue light because it was aimed directly at him.

"Good boy!" After the blue light had faded, a figure stood in front of Nick, with his arms crossed. He sneered at Nick playfully.

"It's you!" Nick raised his head only to find that the man in front of him was Zachary, whom he had regarded as a loser earlier. He could not accept that he was overpowered by such a loser.

Nick felt the pressure weaken so he hurriedly stood up.

The spectators all stared at Zachary in surprise.

Even Warren and the two seniors of the Zi Clan were astonished. They thought that what had happened was really strange.

Lewis and the stewards had no idea of what truly happened either. They stared at Zachary with surprised eyes.

"I will kill you!" Nick shouted at Zachary angrily. He felt extremely humiliated.

"You are welcome to try," Zachary replied in a calm tone of voice.

"Master Lewis, Zachary has been in the Celestial College for quite some time, but his strength doesn't seem to have grown much. Yet he is as reckless as before. With his current strength, he has no chance against

reased to the eighth grade of Heaven Level, their faces suddenly looked pale.

"Ghost Palm! Ghosts Eradication!" Unexpectedly, the whirling martial energy around Zachary's body transformed into palm shadows that looked like ghosts crying and howling, and rushed towards Nick.

Nick suddenly became terrified as soon as the palm shadows moved towards him. He sensed the strong power of Zachary's move, so he hurried to use his martial energy to resist the attack. However, right after the ghost palm shadows reached him, they turned into a dazzling purple light that spread out, one wave after another, as if it was endless.

At first, Nick was able to block it although just barely. But his protective martial energy soon broke and he was completely enclosed in the purple ghost palms.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When Zachary stopped charging martial energy into the move, a figure, whose clothes were shredded, flew straight back to where the Zi Clan gathered.

"Young master!" Warren's expression changed dramatically as he hurriedly stepped forward to hold Nick up, who was now in a coma. His whole body was soak with blood from numerous cuts and wounds. He was injured far more seriously than Bruce was. It never occurred to him that Zachary could easily hurt Nick with the slightest effort.

"Is that the same Ghost Palm that ranks fourth in all martial arts of Heaven Level in the Supernal Continent?" one of Zi Clan's seniors shouted out.

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