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   Chapter 203 Hidden Danger

Treasure-hunting: Into the Unknown By Wen Nanyin Characters: 7126

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"Who would like to battle with me? Come over here!" Bruce was so pumped up. It was a rare opportunity to show off his strength. He would certainly not miss it. Moreover, he also knew that there was only one disciple in the Zi Clan who was at the same level as him, but with his talent and aptitude, he was confident that he would not lose.

Warren and the seniors of the Zi Clan turned and looked at each other. There was only one disciple at the sixth grade of Heaven Level left on their side. It would be a real shame if they lost. And Bruce was a talented person. But they couldn't run away from this because they started it. Thus, they called the last disciple to face Bruce.

Bruce and the last disciple started to fight. Although their cultivation levels were evenly matched, Bruce was more skillful. Bruce had the upper hand because he was more talented and experienced due to his training at the Celestial College.

Thus, it was not long before Bruce successfully defeated him.

All the disciples of the Welkin Sect were shocked as they cheered loudly for Bruce. Bruce was a popular disciple in the Welkin Sect, and the disciples respected him a lot. Now that they'd watched him defeat the last disciple of the Zi Clan, they admired him even more.

Lewis and the stewards of the Welkin Sect finally felt relieved. They were able to breathe easily for the first time since the Zi Clan arrived. If Elva's performance was outstanding, Bruce's performance just now was absolutely flawless.

The Zi Clan group never expected that Bruce would defeat their disciples so easily. Warren's face twisted and turned red.

"Master Warren, I don't think there's anyone left in Zi Clan who can fight. So, please leave as we have agreed previously!" Seeing that the fight had ended, Lewis asked Warren to leave as they'd agreed earlier.

"Who said there was no disciple left in the Zi Clan who can fight? Let me introduce you to the best disciple we have!" The young man that sat next to Warren suddenly stood up. His eyes blazed with bloodlust.

Lewis and the stewards of the Welkin Sect never expected that this young man woul

radius of fifty meters began to crack. Bruce's clothes were torn apart and his body was covered with bruises.

Nick Zi entered the cloud of dust and dragged out the body of Bruce. He threw Bruce's helpless body in front of Lewis. Groaning, Bruce rolled a few times and finally stopped in front of Lewis.

"Bruce!" Lewis and the stewards were shocked. Bruce's master, Herman, rushed at Bruce to check him for injuries.

"You're seriously hurt!" After a brief examination, Herman found that Bruce suffered serious internal injuries and tendon damages.

"You are garbage, just like your sect. I can knock you down with one single strike!" Nick Zi boasted with a smug smile on his handsome face.

Lewis and the stewards became furious. They never expected that Nick Zi, with his true strength hidden deeply, could hurt Bruce so bad. They also never expected that Nick Zi was actually at the eighth grade of Heaven Level. He deliberately hid his true strength, and the purpose was to let the Welkin Sect underestimate the disciples of the Zi Clan.

"Is this guy the strongest among all the disciples of the Welkin Sect? That is to say, no one in the Welkin Sect can defeat me. Originally, you needed to hand over ten talented disciples. But now, I will make you a generous offer. I don't want your ten disciples. All I want is her!" Nick Zi said with his finger pointed at Elva as his eyes stared at her lustfully.

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