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   Chapter 202 Back To The Welkin Sect

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Hearing the words, all the people of the Welkin Sect and the Zi Clan looked in the direction the sound was coming from. The appearance of three figures immediately caused a commotion among the Welkin Sect disciples.

"Bruce and Elva..."

"Wow, they have come back just in time!"

"It seems that now our sect can be saved!"

Excited on seeing the three new arrivals, all of the Welkin Sect disciples shouted a loud greeting.

The three, who had arrived, were none other than Zachary, Elva, and Bruce.

However, Sara was not there.

The stewards and Lewis were also surprised on seeing Zachary, Elva, and Bruce, as they did not expect that they would suddenly return. However, they knew that the three were back at the right time.

The people of the Zi Clan were also surprised to see those three disciples. They could tell that both Bruce and Elva were at the medium stage of Heaven Level. Moreover, both were as powerful as the Zi Clan disciples.

"Are they the two disciples—Bruce, and Elva, who were admitted to the Celestial College? I have heard that they are the most talented of all Welkin Sect disciples in the past decades. However, aren't they supposed to be cultivating in the Celestial College? Why did they suddenly come back?" Warren looked at Bruce and Elva and his face became grim.

That was when the three of them came and stood in front of Lewis.

"Master Lewis!" Bruce and Elva bowed.

Zachary, on the other hand, just winked at Lewis. After that, he looked at the Zi Clan and said, "You just said that as long as all the disciples of the your clan were defeated, you would leave. Right?"

Zachary knew that the father of his body's original owner was once the head of the Zi Clan. However, the clan's other members had betrayed his father. Although Zachary was lucky and had survived, his parents had been killed, and his fiancee had gotten lost. In addition, thanks to the Zi Clan's current master, he was disabled. If it weren't for his Treasure-hunting Compass, he would never have the chance to become a warrior. The Zi Clan's current members were the enemies of his body's previous owner, so, it wasn't surprising that Zachary had a terrible impression on them.

Hearing Zachary's words, Warren was startled. But when he saw that Zachary was nothing but a piece of trash, he sneered, "Who the hell are you? Go away. Don't talk nonsense here!"

"So what? I'll

His attack was so powerful that its impact caused a streak of blood to appear at the corner of her mouth.

Down but not out, that was when Elva held his leg tightly with her right hand, turned around and released her last martial energy instantaneously, throwing his body to the ground.

Bang! There was a loud noise.

Allen Zhang slid over a dozen meters on the ground before he stopped, but did not get up again.

Elva held her left shoulder with her right hand, and smiled gently.

Suddenly, the Welkin Sect disciples around them burst into an uproar.

No one in the Zi Clan had expected that Elva would turn the situation around when she was about to lose.

Warren was displeased, because Elva had defeated Allen, who was the second strongest among the Zi Clan disciples.

"Elva, you can rest now! I'll take care of the rest." Saying that, Bruce went onto the stage with an ingratiating expression.

Elva nodded and went off. Meanwhile, Zachary took out a fourth-grade therapeutic pill and gave it to Elva.

"Thank you!" After taking the pill, Elva said with relief, "At least, I didn't bring shame to the sect. The last disciple from the Zi Clan is at the medium stage of Heaven Level, and he should not be a match for Bruce."

"That's not necessarily true. I think that since the Zi Clan dared to make trouble in the Welkin Sect, they must be well prepared!" replied Zachary. At that time, his eyes suddenly turned to the young man sitting next to Warren. Actually, he had been paying attention to him for some time, and he felt that he could be the Zi Clan's real trump card.

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