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   Chapter 201 The Zi Clan

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Welkin Sect's training ground was located on a hillside at the southwest side of the sect. It was crowded at the moment, for almost all the disciples gathered there. On one side of the training ground, Lewis and the stewards sat with serious looks on their faces. They stared at the disciples of Earth Level who lay at the center of the training ground. To all appearance, they looked more dead than alive. A warrior stood in their midst. He wore a yellow robe and the surname "Zi" was tattooed on his shoulder. He looked arrogant and proud, for he had just defeated six disciples of the Welkin Sect with one blow.

On the opposite side of Lewis and the stewards, there was a middle-aged man in a flowery robe with the same surname tattooed on his left chest. Two old men in green robes and a handsome young man sat beside him. Aside from the handsome young man, the other three men were warriors of Imperial Level. The middle-age man was the most powerful warrior among them. He was at the medium stage of Imperial Level. The two old men were at the primary stage of Imperial Level. Although there were many warriors of Imperial Level on the Supernal Continent, these three warriors were powerful enough for Lewis and the stewards from the Welkin Sect.

But this time, Lewis and the stewards couldn't maintain their composure anymore. They were worried, because these people were sent by the Zi Clan. A clan that was among the clan of premium stage in the Enigmatic Kingdom. They intended to annex the Welkin Sect.

This middle-aged man's name was Warren Bu. He was a warrior at the medium stage of Imperial Level from the Zi Clan, and he was known as a mighty warrior in the Enigmatic Kingdom. The other two old men were also seniors in the Zi Clan. As for the young man, since he was able to sit side by side with them, Lewis and the stewards guessed that he must be of a very high status in the Zi Clan. Other than that, they had no idea about the identity of the young man.

Moreover, there was a row of disciples from the Zi Clan, dressed in yellow robes, standing behind them. All of them were above the premium stage of Earth Level, and the most powerful disciples among them were at the medium stage of Heaven Level. These disciples of the Zi Clan were like the elites of the elites, and more powerful than the disciples of t

ck in an honest yet straightforward tone of voice.

"Since you have made up your mind, I have nothing further to say. The purpose of our Zi Clan competing with sects and clans of primary and medium stage is to recruit talented disciples. So I don't want to go back without getting anything. Well, if the Welkin Sect is willing to send ten qualified disciples to us, I will not make things difficult for you," Warren Bu declared with a sinister smile. He wanted to force the Welkin Sect to compromise in a way that would only benefit the Zi Clan.

The faces of Lewis and the stewards changed. They knew that he just wanted to take advantage of them. But unless they handed over ten disciples, the Zi Clan would never let them go.

"Master Warren, why do you have to make it difficult for us?" Lewis asked coldly.

"I make it difficult for you? Well, then I will give you one more chance. If your disciples can defeat all the disciples of our Zi Clan present, we shall leave immediately." Warren Bu laughed loudly and arrogantly.

When Lewis and the stewards heard this, they knew that there was no way that Warren would let them go easily. And based on the earlier battle, even if all the disciples of the Welkin Sect came, they might not be enough to defeat the disciples of the Zi Clan.

The disciples of the Welkin Sect were all seething in anger. But no one dared to stand up to confront them.

"Hey! What are you doing here? Oh, I see. Some crazy dogs are wandering around our Welkin Sect!" A loud howling laughter echoed on the hillside.

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