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   Chapter 200 Being Arrogant

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What Katrina said silenced and humbled all the disciples that were present because they realized that she was right. Even though Zachary had kept a low profile since he entered the Celestial College, once in a while he would suddenly show his amazing performance, such as obtaining the treasure beast, breaking the record in the incarnation test. His performance always surprised people. But most importantly, his strength in the past few months had improved by leaps and bounds. Such a growth speed was truly beyond their reach.

"But no one can guarantee that he truly defeated Polly by using his real strength. Perhaps he used a devious way to win. Or maybe he has a special relationship with her. So, he asked her to let him win deliberately. Many people saw him sending her to the healing room for treatment." Bruce stepped forward and questioned the decision with a ferocious look.

His words provoked another uproar because his words also made sense. It was true that Zachary brought Polly to the healing room under the watchful eyes of the other disciples. If Zachary claimed that they didn't have any relationship, it would be hard to believe!

To Katrina's surprise, Bruce, from the same sect as Zachary, openly questioned his own junior. This made her very unhappy, but she didn't say anything and turned her attention towards another direction.

"Bruce, do you really want to know my real cultivation level? Well, I'll give you the chance right here, right now." A steady and powerful voice rang out from the direction where Katrina was staring.

The crowd quickly made way. They saw Zachary calmly walking through the crowd straight to Bruce. He stared straight at him with sharp eyes.

"You..." Bruce never expected that Zachary would appear. He clenched his fists and couldn't conceal his hatred for him.

When the disciples saw the internal conflict among the two disciples from the same sect, they became eager to watch the fun.

The look in Elva's eyes turned cold, but she knew that she could not intervene in their conflict.

"Zachary, someone doubts your cultivation level. Why don't you show it again? There's no need to hide it n

ll in the group competition and individual competition. Some were happy while some were not.

"Elva, I really envy the three of you for getting the chance to go back to the Welkin Sect together!" Chandler said. His name was not called, so he looked at Zachary and Elva with admiration.

Elva looked at Zachary with a faint smile. She knew that this return to their sect would mean a lot to him.

"Go back to the Welkin Sect?" Zachary looked up to the sky and sighed.

Two days later

Zachary, Elva and Bruce were ready to go back to the Welkin Sect. They stayed in the disciple dormitory with Chandler and patiently waited for the master that was sent by the Celestial College to go back with them.

Before long, a woman walked in and declared, "Let's go!"

Zachary and the others were stunned, because she was not someone they never met. It was Sara.

"Master Sara?! You will go back with us?" Elva asked in surprise.

"Is there a problem?" Sara asked as she glanced at Zachary and the other disciples.

"No problem. Of course, no problem. I will not be lonely during the trip with the two beauties like Master Sara and Elva!" Zachary exclaimed and laughed loudly.

Both Sara and Elva rolled their eyes at him at the same time.

Bruce stared at him with hatred and anger.

The three disciples left the disciple dormitory with Sara and went to take the Wind Turtle to the Welkin Sect after saying goodbye to Chandler.

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