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   Chapter 199 The Elite Zone

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Jason and Richard were also surrounded by disciples from their own sect and clan. The disciples all beamed with pleasure. They all believed that Jason and Richard were sure to be in the list.

A short moment later, all the masters, led by Sara, appeared in front of the Freshmen Zone. However, they stood stately on both sides, as if waiting for someone important to arrive.

All the new disciples immediately speculated that there would be a warrior of Sage Level who would join the ceremony and would be the one to announce the names of the new disciples who would be accepted early into the Elite Zone. But what they really wanted most was to see Katrina.

And sure enough, after a short while, they saw Katrina flying down from the sky and landed in the middle of the masters. She was dressed in an exquisite red robe, and looked very elegant and gorgeous. In addition, a domineering aura emitted from within her body. Everyone held their breath and couldn't move their eyes away from her.

"Sorry to keep you all waiting! I will now announce the names of the new disciples who are eligible to enter the Elite Zone. There are six people who are qualified to enter the Elite Zone this time." Katrina looked at the new disciples who stared back at her in anticipation and excitement, and then took out a delicate red card in one fluid motion.

"The first disciple who is eligible for early entry into the Elite Zone is... Rita Ji!" Katrina announced in a lively voice.

All the disciples that were present immediately went into an uproar. But they were already sure that Rita would be selected to enter the Elite Zone, so they all calmed down after a brief cheering.

"The second one is... Colin Xie from the Virid Sword Sect!"

The disciples also expected that Colin was qualified to enter the Elite Zone, so they were not too surprised.

"The third is... Joyce Chen from the Virid Sword Sect!"

When Katrina called out Joyce's name, the crowd immediately cheered loudly as they all turned towards Joyce. Although they already expected it, since she was one of the beauties among the new disciples, they were more enthusiastic to cheer for her.

Colin and Joyce who were chosen to enter the Elite Zone, remained very calm.

"The fourth is... Richard Hua from the Hua Clan!" Katrina announced in a calm voice.

As soon as the disciples of the Hua Clan heard that th

at his body trembled. He clenched his fists and his eyes seemed to burn with the fire of hatred. He was so convinced that he would be the one to be called and he couldn't understand why a loser like Zachary would steal his thunder.

The disciples were immediately in an uproar after a moment of silence.

"Why Zachary? Is it just because he defeated the most powerful disciple in the Shura College? I think he only won through sheer luck that time. He was just a loser before. How did he suddenly become a mighty warrior? There must be some shady deal," Jason said angrily in a daze of confusion. He was furious that Zachary was chosen to enter the Elite Zone instead of him.

Soon, many disciples who believed that they were stronger than Zachary showed their support.

"I know that there will be a lot who will disagree with this decision. But he was chosen not only because he defeated the most powerful disciple of the Shura College, but also because he has broken the record of incarnation test in the Soul Testing Pagoda of our Celestial College. Besides, he has made great progress since he entered the Celestial College. Don't forget that before he entered the Celestial College, he was just a rookie whose cultivation was lower than the Earth Level. But in the past few months, he has reached the premium stage of Heaven Level. Is there any of you who has achieved that much progress like him in the same span of time?" Katrina explained clearly and in a calm voice. She clearly anticipated the reactions of the disciples to her announcement and was prepared to answer them.

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