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   Chapter 198 The Elite Zone

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"But, if I do not allow Zachary to participate in the individual competition, there will certainly be doubts and suspicions! The people from the Shura College will also have issues with it," Sara explained. She knew that if she didn't allow Zachary to join the competition, it would certainly cause unnecessary suspicions, rumors and doubts. Besides, she didn't think that it was a bad thing to have Zachary in the individual competition considering his performance in the group competition.

"Just don't let Zachary participate in the competition. You are dismissed," Katrina ordered in a tone that was not to be questioned further.

"I got it." Since Katrina was so determined, Sara didn't dare to question her choice any more. Confused as she was, she nodded and then left.

Sara announced that Zachary would not be joining the individual competition because of an injury that he was not immediately able to recover from. This created many questions, rumors and speculations. The Shura College did not make any comments, however.

Two days later, the individual competition of freshmen from the two colleges began.

The individual competition was a competition between the sixteen best freshmen disciples selected by each of the two colleges. As their individual strengths had been exhibited in the group competition, it was easy to estimate the results of the individual competition.

The individual competition went on for three days. During this time, the new disciples from the two colleges all displayed their strengths and fought with their very best. Some of them even performed better than normal. All the new disciples, especially those from the Celestial College who were inspired by Zachary's outstanding performance during the group competition, did their best in the individual competition, and this placed the Shura College under a lot of pressure. New disciples like Joyce, Elva and Richard also had amazing performances, especially Richard, who showed the strength of the sixth grade of Heaven Level unexpectedly.

But eventually, the rookies from two colleges who reached the finals were unsurprisingly Rita and Polly.

At the beginning of the match, Polly was positioned to win. But she didn't recover completely from her injury in her fight with Zachary. And Rita finally revealed her hidden cultivation level,

oup competition. Why do you have to be so harsh on him?" Elva retorted. She was a little angry when she heard Bruce's words. She clearly remembered that when they were at the Incredible Space, Bruce kicked Zachary into the basin in order to bring her away. She was already very dissatisfied with Bruce and his actions. If Bruce was not from the same sect as she was, she would have ignored him a long time ago. She was aware that Bruce was very jealous of Zachary.

Bruce never expected that Elva would defend Zachary. He looked very upset, but he decided not to say anything further about the matter.

In the meantime, the students of other clans were also discussing amongst themselves.

"Colin, in addition to Rita, the probability of you getting selected should be the highest. If you get accepted into the Elite Zone, our sect leader will be very happy," Joyce said. Her voice clearly revealed that she had great expectations of Colin.

"I hope that you will get chosen. If you can make it into the Elite Zone with your quadruple martial speed, you will achieve a lot more than I do. If I am lucky enough to be chosen and somehow you are not, I will request the college to give you my slot!" Colin announced and put on a faint smile on his serious face.

"No way! That's crazy!" Joyce exclaimed and shook her head with a slight laugh.

"Stop arguing. I think both of you are going to be chosen," Derrick said as he laughed at Colin's words.

Colin and Joyce exchanged knowing looks. If what Derrick had said was true, it would be preferable.

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