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   Chapter 197 The Sage Hall

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'I wonder why Master Katrina threatened Master Shu with the marriage contract. How about I follow her?' Zachary pondered. He didn't want to be fooled by Katrina. Although Katrina had been nice to him since he entered the Celestial College, he knew that this was because of the marriage contract that he had. Thus, at length, he decided that it was best to find out what Katrina really wanted. Then he could decide how to make full use of the marriage contract.

Once he was decided on this course of action, he activated the power of the Dog Soul Ring and then used Shadow Pace to track the scent of Sophie.

The college was guarded by special guards at the boundary of each zone. And it was forbidden to cross zones. Zachary used the Dog Soul Ring and his Flawless Illusion to follow Sophie and entered the most mysterious zone in the college—the Sage Hall, where only warriors of Sage Level could enter.

As soon as he entered the Sage Hall, Zachary felt a sense of peace and tranquility. He felt that countless fierce beasts stared at him and this greatly bothered him. It was completely different from being in the Freshmen Zone. While a normal freshman never dared to enter a forbidden area such as the Sage Zone, Zachary was bold enough to do so.

Since it was a place for warriors of Sage Level to cultivate, it was not tightly guarded. Only a few warriors of King Level patrolled the area.

Zachary kept following Sophie's scent until it brought him to Katrina's place.

'This should be the place where Katrina cultivates, ' Zachary thought to himself as he studied the house from the outside. After he studied the area, he went to the back of the house and climbed a nearby tall tree. He focused on his hearing and heard a conversation.

"Sophie, have you decided?" It was Katrina's voice that spoke.

"Yes," Sophie replied. Her voice was slightly more stern that Katrina's voice, more confident.

"You have made a wise choice. Since you agreed to go to the Five-God Tombs to find that thing with me, I will return the marriage contract to you afterwards," Katrina said bluntly in the same tone of voice.

'Sophie? The Five-God Tombs? So Master Katrina wants Master Sophie to go with her to the Five-God Tombs. What does she expect to find there? And why does sh

Mortal Level to the premium stage of Heaven Level. It was almost impossible for him to grow this fast! Even some of the masters of the Celestial College had the same thoughts.

A day later, at the Sage Hall

"Don't include Zachary in the individual competition?" Sara's beautiful eyes were wide open and she was obviously surprised. The strength shown by Zachary in the group competition was amazing. He could definitely ensure the success of the Celestial College in the individual competition. It was hard for her to understand why Katrina suddenly decided not to include Zachary in the list of participants of the individual competition.

"You didn't ask for my permission when you included him in the group competition. That was a mistake from the very beginning. We shouldn't make another mistake like that," Katrina replied. It was true that Sara never asked for Katrina's permission to include Zachary in the group competition. Katrina only learned about it later. Since Sara already made the arrangement, Katrina didn't think that it was a big deal. But what she never expected was that because of Zachary's amazing performance in the group competition, Sophie changed her mind about joining her. And it disrupted her original plan! Additionally, if Zachary performed well, he would attract the attention of the other colleges. It was normal for other colleges to lure disciples like Zachary to join their colleges. She didn't want other colleges to target Zachary, so she had to make him disappear from everyone's sight.

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