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   Chapter 195 A Wonderful Battle

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Although Polly sensed a hint of killing intent behind her back, she had no strength to resist it. Just as she was about to get hit, Zachary suddenly turned around and stepped forward to hold her in his arms. But at the same time, he also exposed himself to that palm.

"You brat! I knew you would do this!" Bruce sneered. His martial energy went towards Zachary, and was about to hit him.

"Bruce, you are such a dick!" Zachary knew that Bruce must have known that he would save her, so he deliberately took the opportunity to kill him at that exact moment.

When Polly saw that Zachary risked his own life to save her, she was stunned. Her resentment and anger immediately melted away.

Seeing that Bruce was about to succeed in his evil plot, a beautiful figure suddenly showed up. She waved her hand, and a powerful suction force pulled Zachary and Polly away from the spot. Bruce's attack hit the ground.

Boom! The ground that was previously cracked already, sank even further.

When Bruce saw that his attack didn't hit the intended target, he glared at the figure who ruined his plan. And it was exactly Rita who rushed to help Zachary.

"Thank you very much, beautiful Rita," Zachary said to Rita. After he regained his balance, he smiled at Rita and then threw the key to her. "Please open the door for us. I need to bring Polly to the healing room first." He rushed away with Polly safely in his arms.

"He really knows how to please girls," Rita remarked with a slight smile on her beautiful face. She turned to Bruce and her entire countenance shifted into an angry glare with burning hate in her eyes. She then walked towards the door as the crowd watched, and opened it with the key that Zachary gave her.

Colorful fireworks rushed out from the door as soon as it was opened. The loud and colorful fireworks marked the end of the group competition.

The news that Polly was seriously injured by Zachary and that the team of the Celestial College had won the competition was immediately announced to the audience, and this surprised them all. Some of them thought that they misheard the news. Zachary broke Katrina's treasure not long before and now he soundl

tle between Zachary and Polly. But the most unforgettable aspect of the competition was Zachary's strength. He reached the eighth grade of Heaven Level and possessed quadruple martial speed.

Sara and the masters of both colleges all heard about the fight between Zachary and Polly from the freshmen that witnessed it. They all felt sorry that they couldn't witness it in person.

"He is truly amazing! I'm sure that even Master Katrina didn't expect that," Sara muttered to herself; her eyes brightened up as a slight smile crept across her lips.

When she heard that Zachary brought Polly to the healing room, she rushed to the room with the masters from the Shura College.

When Polly saw the three masters from her college enter her room, she felt sad and ashamed.

"How is your injury, Polly?" Rupert asked in a tone of concern. Although they lost the group competition, there was still the individual competition. They were more worried about her injury and whether it would affect her performance in the next competition or not.

"Although I'm badly hurt, it is not serious actually," Polly replied in a flat tone.

"Polly, where is Zachary?" Sara asked as she looked around Polly's room.

"He already left," Polly answered immediately in an emotionless tone of voice.

"He's so fast!" Sara murmured. "Now that you are safely recovering here, I will leave first to attend to something." She then nodded to the three masters and left.

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