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   Chapter 194 The Battle

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Polly's cultivation level, as well as her martial speed were higher than Zachary's. So even if he was equipped with the Shadow Pace, Ghost Palm, and Lady Swordsmanship, he still couldn't win against her.

It didn't take long for Polly to break Zachary's protective martial energy. He was hit by a martial skill at the King Level. Due to the forceful impact, he retreated several steps, coughing out a mouthful of blood.

"Prepare yourself for death!" Polly threatened manically, seeing that she was able to burst through Zachary's martial energy. She felt more confident in her abilities and began to attack much more furiously.

Although the gap between their strength was obviously insurmountable, Zachary refused to give up. He was not going to surrender that easily to her.

Polly sensed that Zachary was at the verge of collapse, so she hastened to use her powerful martial skill at the King Level to defeat him. "Thunderous Elephant Skill!"

Two spiral lightning forces, brilliantly lit with lightning radiance, suddenly shot out of her two hands before they collided against one another. From the clash, a large lightning elephant shone and roared furiously. It sparked like several lightning bolts had stormed the sky. Its giant feet stomped fiercely on the ground, making the entire area shake and tremble.

The disciples of the two colleges stood in awe.

Seeing that the situation was turning unfavorable, Rita couldn't hide her true strength anymore. She knew that Zachary wouldn't be able to survive this attack. She gathered all her power, and her aura surged up to the ninth grade of Heaven Level. The pressure knocked back a few of the disciples away, while the rest were absolutely astonished by what they were witnessing. But no matter what she did, it was too late to help him.

In the blink of an eye, the lightning elephant rushed towards Zachary's direction. It exploded radiantly whilst its giant hooves pranced before it stomped to trample him.

The disciples from the two colleges were astonished by the immense power.

With a frustrated roar, Zachary shook off the dust that accumulated on his body before he thrust his power toward his Holy Bone Bracer. "This is just great."

All of a sudden, the elephant's hooves landed on Zachary. A strong radiance engulfed him. A huge crater suddenly appeared after the earth trembled, and everyone feared t

n their own feet as they tried to balance their footing.

It took a significantly long time before the dust finally settled down again. At the epicenter, Polly was lying in her own blood. Her eyes rose up to the back of her head. She held the look of defeat.

No one would have ever thought that Zachary would be able to defeat Polly with just one strike.

Unbeknownst to most, the side effects from the Strength Pill were just as devastating. Even Zachary himself had trouble standing on his own feet, but he refused his weak body to express any of his pain. He wasted no time and headed for the Door of Victory.

The disciples of the Shura College froze in silence. They stood still as they watched Zachary approach the door.

Polly, who had been badly injured, suddenly heaved a sharp breath. She coughed up blood several times before she forced herself to stand up. Although she seemed like she was trembling and it looked like she was going to collapse again at any moment, she yelled at Zachary with her raspy voice, "Stop! We're not done here!" Although Zachary had obviously defeated her, she didn't want to admit her defeat that easily.

Hearing this, Zachary halted and turned to her. "But we are done," he reasoned, smiling faintly. He turned back and continued to walk towards the Door of Victory.

When Polly noticed that, she limped her way towards him, groaning in pain with every step in a vain attempt to stop him.

However, a figure rushed out from the dark side with a strong, murdering aura. The person raised his hand and slammed it against Polly's spine.

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