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   Chapter 193 The Ninth Grade Of Heaven Level

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Polly never wanted to waste time on Zachary. She jumped off from the Demonic Thunder Fox and took out an OH weapon that looked like a magic cube. The OH weapon glared, and the Demonic Thunder Fox was absorbed into it.

Zachary was relieved to see that Polly never planned to send her treasure beast to fight.

But at the next moment, Polly released her aura at the ninth grade of Heaven Level. It did not come as a huge shock since she was already known to be a powerful disciple of the Shura College. The slight surprise that the disciples had, came from finding out that she had already reached the ninth grade of Heaven Level.

'Her cultivation level is at the ninth grade of Heaven Level? So she didn't do her best when she fought with me, ' Rita quietly thought to herself. Rita and Elva were surrounded by the disciples of the Shura College and couldn't fight their way through their barricade. When Rita sensed Polly's aura, she was lost in her thoughts. She knew that when Polly fought for the key, she didn't use her full strength. She deliberately concealed her true cultivation level. When she sensed that Polly was now ready to use her real strength, she felt a strong urge to battle Polly. She believed that she was Polly's true match and not Zachary.

But even then, she still hesitated because Katrina told her not to expose her true cultivation level before the start of the individual competition. But now, Polly was determined to fight Zachary with all her strength. Even if Zachary was at the Heaven Level, he wasn't a match for her.

Although she couldn't wait to compete with Polly, she didn't dared disobey Katrina's order. Thus, she had to continue to hide her true cultivation level. When she and Elva were blocked on the slope, she could do nothing but watch as Polly stood in front of Zachary with a powerful aura while he seemed relatively insignificant and feeble.

'It seems that I have to be serious, ' Zachary thought to himself. Although he was not surprised that Polly had reached the ninth grade of Heaven Level, he knew that he couldn't defeat her if he didn't do his best.

He had his reason to defeat Polly, which was to lay the foundation for the main quest. If he wanted to deal wi

the battle between them would become more exciting than before. She thought that no matter how deep Zachary hid his true cultivation level from people, the eighth grade of the Heaven Level must be his limit.

"Let's get this started." Zachary stretched out his hand as he sensed the burning fighting spirit in Polly's eyes.

"Since you have revealed your hidden cultivation level, then I'll show you my real cultivation level in return." Polly's aura surged inside her body. The next moment, fierce martial energy flooded out from her body and enveloped the area up to a hundred meters like a wild wind. When the wind subsided, her aura was no longer in the ninth grade of Heaven Level anymore.

"The King Level! Has she reached the King Level?" Rita shouted at Zachary right away, "Don't fight her!"

At the same time, Polly stretched out her hands. Two purple silk ribbons immediately shot out from her sleeves. In a flash, they launched a fierce attack and flew towards Zachary. Although he had fought with Polly before and had experienced her martial art of the premium stage of Heaven Level, he could sense that her current strength was even more powerful than before. Her potent aura completely suppressed his.

'I can't believe that she has already reached the King Level!' Zachary thought to himself in shock. 'This is going to be a tough fight.'

The disciples of two colleges were completely stunned. They realized that their strength was far from that of Polly.

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