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   Chapter 192 Charge Over

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"Chandler, can you lure them away and distract their attention for me?" Zachary instructed Chandler immediately.

"What are you planning to do, Zachary?" Chandler asked in reply.

"I have my own way to get up there." Zachary gave him a determined smile. "Let's do this! Polly should be on her way!"

Chandler nodded with determination painted across his face. Together with the six disciples of their group, Chandler rushed to the slope where the Door of Victory was located.

At the same time, the disciples of the Shura College guarding the Door of Victory saw the group of the Celestial College disciples rushing over. But they were not afraid at all since the cultivation levels of the Celestial College disciples were much lower than theirs. They immediately took the initiative to fight against them and intended to give them a lesson.

Chandler and the other six disciples were surrounded by the disciples of the Shura College, and they suffered from a frenzied attack. Just as Chandler and the other six disciples' lives were on the brink, Zachary summoned Orion and leaped in one bound onto its back.

"Orion, I am counting on you!" Zachary patted Orion's head; it immediately soared into the air and flew towards the slope.

The disciples of the Shura College never expected that Zachary would ride on the treasure beast and flew towards them. They were shocked. They were fighting against the Celestial College disciples instead of guarding the Door of Victory. All they could do was watch Zachary rush to the door at an astonishing speed.

Orion took Zachary above the Door of Victory. He had the key prepared, slipped down from Orion's back and rushed towards the door. At the same time, Orion quickly turned into a shadow and was stored into the system.

Zachary stood in front of the Door of Victory and was about to insert the key into the door. All of a sudden, a huge fox rushed out from nowhere. It bit Zachary's arm that held the key furiously.

Zachary stared at the fox and understood what he had to do. If he forced movement on his arm to reach the Door of Victory open, his arm would be broken. He immediately withdrew his hand and stepped back to keep his distance from the

olly scoffed at him coldly. She noticed that no one was willing to support Zachary except for Elva and Rita. They merely just stood aside and watched the show.

"I've never expected them to do that," Zachary replied. He didn't think that it was a big deal, as long as he could win the group competition in behalf of the Celestial College, and completed Sara's mission. He didn't care at all whether or not anyone would help him.

"Do you really believe that you can turn things around by yourself? Since the start of the competition, your Celestial College never has had the chance to win," Polly said with a smug smile as her eyes burned with fury. She couldn't figure out why Zachary remained so confident and bold. He even dared to steal the key under the noses of so many disciples and try to open the Door of Victory stealthily himself. Unfortunately, he had underestimated her.

"How about giving it a try?" Zachary replied with a smile.

More and more disciples of the two colleges rushed to the slope. The entire slope was soon surrounded by disciples. The disciples of the Shura College gathered and blocked the slope. Seeing the crowd that blocked the slope, the disciples of the Celestial College decided not to fight. They just watched Zachary. They thought that it was impossible for Zachary to fight Polly alone and win the group competition by himself. Eerie silence fell on the scene as everyone held their breath and waited for the battle to begin.

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