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   Chapter 191 Press Hard

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Rita and Elva were shocked by what they just seen. They wanted to help, but it was far too late.

A lot of disciples had retreated several yards away since they saw that the situation was worsening. The last thing they wanted was to be involved in the battle.

At the same time, Zachary's martial energy had drastically increased. With one smite, he broke through Bruce's clunk. However, he still wasn't executed in time. Polly rushed in front of him with her martial skill at the premium stage of Heaven Level.

The entire area shook with the strong and loud clashes.

A split second after, the ball of martial energy right in front of Zachary exploded with a large, blinding light. It shone and illuminated the entire area as if the sun had suddenly appeared inside.

The disciples of the two colleges were flabbergasted by what they were witnessing. A martial skill at the premium stage of Heaven Level? It was so catastrophic in nature.

"Yes! Ha-ha! He's finally dead!" Bruce exclaimed. He had retreated a while ago to hide from the explosion. When he saw that Zachary was attacked by Polly's attack, he was filled with excitement and glee. He had been waiting for Zachary's death for a long time already.

"Oh no...Zachary..." Elva yelled out loudly, and her lips and hands were trembling in fear. She wanted to go right up to Zachary. However, just as she was about to move, another figure flew from beside her and rushed into that violent martial energy.

Just as the figure landed on the spot where Zachary had been standing, she saw him in front of her safe and sound. "It's nice to see you, Rita. Did you come to save me?" he teased.

Hearing Zachary's joke, Rita scoffed at him lightly, "Yes, dummy. Get up. Everyone thinks you're dead." Rita was in awe when she saw that Zachary had survived Polly's attack.

"Oh well. I'm going to leave now," Zachary said, winking at Rita with a lighthearted smile. This was a waste of time, after all. He activated his Shadow Pace and disappeared.

At the same time, the rampage martial energy quickly dissipated. The disciples of the two colleges stared slack-jawed at where Zachary once stood up, and found that there was only Rita there.

"What? Where is he?" Polly herself was shocked to see that Zachary had survived her attack.

"He's already gone," Rita answered, a playful smile gracing her face.

Upon hearing that, Elva breathed a sigh of relief.

"How is that possible? How was he able to escape from my attack?" Polly asked, stunned at what had just occurred.

The disciples looked at

er unruly temper. I'll definitely try to stay out of her way next time, ' he thought to himself worriedly. He immediately raised his head to look at her and smiled sheepishly.

At dawn, a shadowy figure shuffled through the dark woods. Running after him was a young, beautiful woman. Although she wasn't able to fully catch up to him, she kept a steady pace behind him.

Almost an hour later, the shadowy figure ran into a forest. At the same time, Chandler and the other disciples who were hiding in the forest were alerted by the figure's presence almost immediately.

Before they could attack it, the figure suddenly spoke. "Chandler! It's me!"

Chandler quickly recognized the voice. "Zachary?"

"Yes, it's me. Be ready to cover me!" Zachary yelled to Chandler immediately.

"Do you have the key?" Chandler asked in surprise.

"How about the cultivation levels of the disciples guarding the Door of Victory?" Zachary smiled and asked in return.

"They are all above the Heaven Level and the leader is even at the premium stage of Heaven Level. It'll be quite difficult for us to get through the guards, with our current cultivation levels," Chandler answered in an instant.

Zachary darted his eyes towards the hillside, where a huge door loomed above it. He peeked to see the terrain. The Door of Victory was located on a slope, and it was surrounded by several miles of forests. The terrain here was good for defense. Moreover, it would be more difficult to attack considering that the guards were extremely strong as well.

However, Zachary didn't have much time to worry about it any longer. He had to make it to the Door of Victory before Polly would finally be able to catch up to him.

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